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  1. There is if you like to re-play the story with your perks intact. People like NG+ man...
  2. Ok so it works so yes, I can confirm that IF you have an early save file of the game (say, the moment you get up in "the reunion") and you just leave it alone, and you finish the game and then reload the original earliest save file ALL your perks and collectibles are still there. The only thing I am not super positive about carrying over are the weapon mods but other than that the system works. Bonus points, doing this you skip the God awful intro.
  3. I wad told that of you make a save file at the very beginning of the game and just never over write it, then progress through the game normally and then reload the early save file (within the same profile) all your progress, including collectibles and perks, are there for you. Could someone confirm this? If this is true then this can be used as a NG+ of sorts
  4. Possibly...I was hoping to avoid that. Although for some games the patch came prior to release. (Like with wolfenstein)
  5. The game just pre loaded on my Xbox one x clocking at just under 40 GB. You guys think that is with or without the Xbox one X enhancements?
  6. crap sorry I thought he was referring to the chapter select + all collectibles and perks thing
  7. uhm...nope...it was done in Doom without this mechanic being broken this is done basically as a FU to collectible and achievement hunters
  8. yes! and you cannot replay the first two levels of the game so you are out of luck if you missed anything there collectible-wise god I hope they do not do this with the doom sequel as well....that would suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
  9. The developers willfully eliminated chapter selection from the game while they had it on the previous game? Looks like a stupid decision which was not even defended by the team when the onslaught of pissed off comments started pouring on the steam and official boards alike. Also before someone says this NO enigma machines DO NOT allow you to replay all areas nor they allow you to actually replay the story with all your perks intact.
  10. spoke with 3 different ones over 3 days, 2 gave me wrong info, the 3d was ok (tho he was unsure) Check out GameFaqs and other sites you will see other people were having the same issue But yeah keep thinking it's because of a single employee.
  11. Oh FFS, Microsoft HAS the information ad well. How do I know? Because when asking to speak to a supervisor and explaining the situation he told me that the previous rep gave.me wrong info. First off, the shipping process started Sunday as my account showed to me and planned for delivery on the 7th (note I was told by the previous rep that this was wrong) Secondly, for PREORDERS the fed ex shipment from MS in the US territory is NOT s regular 3 to 5 days shipment but an OVERNIGHT shipment by default which sets my delivery date squarely on Tuesday (again the previous rep told me this was NOT the case) Lastly he apologized and said that all customer service reps at the MS store support should know this and how to answer these questions correctly because it is not obscure knowledge. So yeah, call me bratty, call my expectations unrealistic...they are not, I just spoke with incompetent people and it turns out MS actually has it's deliveries on point. All that was needed was someone who knew wtf they were talking about
  12. Really? Because Fedex actually was able to explain the process, explain why originally I had issues finding.my tracking info and whatnot, all things that OTHER MS customer service reps were able to do for other customers who called and reported their experience on other sites yet the majority of these reps (especially the ones I spoke to) can't do that or won't I don't care which. MS has been doing this (shipping items to customers) for years now, expecting timely deliveries on release date is NOT unrealistic as it has happened before and expecting competence from the customer service reps is ALSO not unrealistic.
  13. Please read previous posts THEN try to whip up a straw man that actually works. I specifically said I do not mind receiving it a day after release ot even 2, my problem is that I work 7 days a week most weeks and usually they are shifts between 6 and 10 hours depending on my client's availability thus, since I live nowhere near a fed ex pick up location I HAVE to be home to receive the package....which involves taking a day off of work....which I have to notify my manager about. See where I am going? Control ≠ knowledge. I have no control over my quartz fabricators, but I sure as all can give a detailed timeline to any and all my customers, so far I have only and ALWAYS gotten wrong information. My package is right now in transit, it will definitely leave before the 7th (as other people were informed by some more knowledgeable store support agents) and chances are I will actually get it on the 7th, which is all I god damn wanted to know. Because people excuse this incompetence nothing gets done to fix it. Put away the kumbaya candles and start pointing out the companies and employees shortcomings.
  14. Being unable to explain thoroughly how the process works and giving out wrong information is incompetence Care to tell me how it is not so?
  15. Because I hate incompetence Yes I know that...but Fed Ex shows the package in transit so they likely already picked it up, that coupled with other reports from people who spoke with different MS customer service reps saying they are being told that the first wave of preorders is set for delivery to our door on the 7th makes me hopeful. And yes, the fact that the MS store is so subpar just pisses me off....
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