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  1. Fixed the achievements. I have killed over a thousand demons and filled all camps and no achievement. I've destroyed like a hundred rifts and the game has a bad counter. It's frustrating and has left me with a sour taste in my mouth. So glitch in skyhold, peek warp around, textures take forever to load and I have gone through four ads to finally get one to work. Game is great but at least fix the counter.
  2. I ran with three tanks and me as mage with knight specialist. Honestly, two mages and two tanks will work good as there is a phase he tends to fly around a lot but found no issue. I went in as level 18 and breezed through it with no potions used except the floating around part. But my tanks gain three guard per hit so with barriers and guard they never got damaged by anything. As long as your weapons do good damage and have decent bonuses with good armor then you will do good . The game became easy at skyhold to be honest.
  3. Nightmare was easy. I don't see why people make a difficulty achievement seem so bad. The game plays fairly well and has a lot to offer. As long as you continuously farm for crafting materials and constantly keep your weapons and armor upgraded and inspect the enemies weak points then you won't have an issue. Not play a game because of difficulty means your just not ready for a challenge.
  4. I don't really like promoting sites but trueachievements.com has a forum page dedicated to helping people with this.
  5. So I have tried all the solutions listed as well as deleting and downloading everything again and it has not worked for me. "Sweets Girl" is broken on all my saves file. Ill try finishing OG Loc's missions and try that one guys suggestion.
  6. I just watched the video and did it exactly as NTA did and i got the full 520. After watching the clip of evidence and opening pda etc.
  7. my friend uses horizon saves and he has a maxed out character but still struggles with the game. Bosses kill him and enemies just swarm him. His experience is funny because no matterhow high level or items you have, the game makes you suffer for it. S n O boss gave him such a hard time that he,has quit the game. I laughathis pity.
  8. yeah i had this issue as well. i didnt know where my follower was cause i had him stay somewhere
  9. yeah before you leave theres a chest with all your previous stuff there
  10. thanks for the guide that made this dlc easy
  11. it was a fun dlc but not the best one.
  12. thanx for this guide. it helped me months ago when i completed the game and dlc
  13. i got a good amount of gold bars out and i finished the game with almost all of them in my inventory. i forgot about them after i finished the dlc
  14. this dlc is hard if your energy weapon is low or you go in at a very low level. i didnt have much problem after i got dog. its the setting and the enemies that make it a little difficult
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