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  1. I think I found out what my problem is.. the PCB is faulty. I recently had a power outage in my house and that's probably the problem. So I got to get a new unlocked PCB and flash the DVD keys on there. Thanks for the help.
  2. I included a link to a video that I recorded for folks that don't understand what I'm talking about. http://www17.zippyshare.com/v/43668579/file.html Any help is appreciated. McDurbin was saying that I should've used a heat gun on the warranty stickers so that I would be able to put them back on when I opened the case. But that method is useless for me since my warranty has been long gone a long time ago. What does the TV have anything to do with the console? I'm using HDMI and have been ever since I purchased the console. I can still play my downloaded games off Live market but can't play disc game due to my DVD-ROM drive issue. Thanks for trying to help though.
  3. My warranty been long gone. I don't understand what the problem is with the disc tray.
  4. My 360 S disc tray is unresponsive, the problem that I'm having is that the disc tray will not open nor close when pressing the eject button and through the controller, I'm getting the typical "Open tray" and "Close tray" error. The green dot light is constantly flashing, which I understand that it indicates either the disc tray is opening and closing or background downloads. I'm not connected to Live, and I've disabled background downloading just to be sure, so that can't be the issue. I've noticed though that when I manually open the disc tray, fully open, reboot the console the green dot light doesn't flash. I press the eject button and nothing, drive doesn't move or anything. I can manually close and open the drive and upon doing so, I don't feel any snug or anything stopping the tray from opening and closing. I've even replaced the drive and did the PCB swap method and still getting the same problem. Here's a video of what I'm talking about (new drive installed). http://www17.zippyshare.com/v/43668579/file.html Any ideas of what could be my problem?
  5. Congratulations! I just realized that I got disc 2 still installed on my HD.
  6. Not if you know the spawn spots, it's fairly easy. Don't give up on the game, you can beat it on medium with soft/hard lock on.
  7. If you think about it the game isn't really long, it's those goddamn cutscenes and not able to skip them is what makes it long.
  8. It happened to me when I was doing the NYM:HC run, I had a shitload of time too and that simple mistake fucked me over. When it did happen I just sat in bullet-time the whole time til I fell into the water. I got pissed after that and didn't play for at least 2 days.
  9. I swear after playing NYM:HC my aiming has sped up for headshots. I play it for fun now and it's so simple. I got another buddy trying to do the same thing and is having a hard time, I just sit back and laugh at him cause he claims he's better than me.. right. Lol. Yeah it's a bitch! I always ended up dying at that part. Not even at that part too, it's that level! I'd get pass that part and then hit shootdodge and fly right off the boat. Lol. That chapter is not shootdodge friendly, try to stay away from the edges cause you can easily fall off. You know some times that damn tank actually hits you even in cover, it happened to me at least 2x.
  10. NYM:HC isn't hard at all if you already know the spawn points and pain killers locations. The hardest chapter IMO is chapter 11 where those guys drive up right beside the boat. Once you pass chapter 8 you pretty much got the achievement. I took a picture after I completed it. http://i48.tinypic.com/2r2btbb.jpg Why in the hell was that guy using the LAW?! The grenade launcher is way better of use than that, plus it holds more ammo. I've never died on that part. I try to conserve the ammo all the way up to the part with the armored guy in the office, just before those guys jump through the window. The only downfall though is when you're in last stand with the grenade launcher, you're pretty much dead.
  11. If you're use to soft/hard-lock then it's gonna be a bitch for you to play on free aim. But it sucks though cause when playing online that's what everyone plays, soft-lock. Free aim > Soft/Hard-lock. IMO. Took me 5 tries to beat NYM:HC. It's the simple things that get you.
  12. Interesting video. Though, I could've sworen when he was wearing that outfit he was bald headed? Effect were pretty good though. That's what I was thinking.
  13. I have more trouble beating Montaro than Shao Kahn. Man.. Mortal Kombat has always been cheesy even with the original release of the game. I hate the fact that the AI counters every thing you do and yet the game is broken. Fun.
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