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  1. Not that I have found; and I agree, it's an annoyance.
  2. People may have realized this already but the snake part is a corkscrew, so once you land on the head, you can run along the length of the snake, and only jump off when you get to the tail at the end, onto the far side.
  3. I got the game at a good pre-order price, and will trade it in tomorrow so my net out of pocket should be minimal. I mostly bought it to experience the campaign, but did play BF1 somewhat, and so I tried Arcade and Multiplayer as well. A couple thoughts: - campaign was pretty lackluster. For those on the fence, I'd recommend waiting on EA Access. I'd love for a dedicated single-player Star Wars campaign game to be released. - I've been gaming for a long time and my age must be catching up with me, but the multiplayer systems in these games are getting damn complicated with all their currencies, level ups, loot crates, component crafting etc. This wouldn't bother me though, *if there was actually a help system of any kind*. So many games now provide zero how-to and rely on internet fan sites to fill in the gaps. - I don't understand the appeal of playing a multiplayer game where the participants have vastly different gear available to them; at all, not just via pay to win. If I get slaughtered by a guy with three purple Star Cards equipped, am I having fun? No. - Alternatively, how about a far more sophisticated match-making system? Why am I, with base gear and 10 hours of play, lumped in with people with tons of unlocks and 200 hours playtime? I have no interest in playing a game like that when there are literally dozens of other games available. - with that in mind though, I actually like the BattleFront games for the general survivability they give players, especially compared to games like CoD where you dead in an instant and how no hope of retreating. Some of my fondest multiplayer memories are from World of Warcraft: Alterac Valley, or battles at Tauren Mill. True, some players had vastly better gear, but it didn't seem that noticeable when it was 40 on 40. A player could retreat, heal themselves, and get back in the battle. A match could easily go on for an hour or two, with very little in the way of 'reward' at the end. It was just multiplayer for the fun of it. It was actually best if both sides were somewhat evenly matched, and you could even participate with green gear under the level cap, and still feel like you were contributing. And WoW came out in 2004.
  4. Thought this game warranted a general thoughts thread, since it's a AAA title that many people will consider buying. I played it through to story completion, and halfway through the Shadow Wars, when I decided I wasn't having fun any more and traded it in. Overall, I would rate it a 7/10. - unlike some, I thought the story was pretty decent. It takes liberties with the lore, and as I understand it tramples all over it in places, but since I'm not a lore fiend I was able to enjoy it for what it is. - the Nemesis system is back and more in-depth. Voice acting, naming, graphics and loadout results in orcs that do feel like unique personalities. Surprise events might need a little tweaking though, as I sometimes had three additional Captains drop in on me while stalking a 4th. Not much choice there but to run away. - speaking of running away, I found I had to do this a lot. It's my number one complaint about the game. The never-ending orc spawn is the worst issue, completely precluding the option to clear an area by stealth before taking on a tough Orc captain. Almost every single battle becomes an exercise in using a few skills, getting swarmed, dodging, and periodically running away to find someone to drain. Draining takes forever, and I never felt I was particularly in command of a fight unless I was just cheaply plinking away with arrows from the rooftops. - some of the Nazgul battles suffer similarly. Instead of taking cues from the Dark Souls series, and just having tough fights, you are constantly dealing with trash mobs that spawn out of nowhere. Even though they have similar fighting systems, I don't recall the Batman or MadMax games having that issue. Some will be fine with it, saying that never-ending orcs is logical in this universe, but to me it detracted significantly from my enjoyment of the game. - lastly, there are plenty of ways the next installment of Middle Earth could be optimized to benefit the player: a) when fast traveling to a new location for a mission, why not place the player at the nearest spawn point? Instead you first travel to the zone, and then 90% of the time you immediately fast travel again to get closer to where you're trying to go b) does the terrain need to be so convoluted? The game is long enough already that I don't feel a need to spend another 5-10 minutes going around mountains and through tunnels just to get to the next target. I was thankful when a fast travel point was near, and towards the end started to rely more and more on just pit fighting. c) loot management and completing all the small goals to unlock your loot was ok, though I wouldn't necessarily call it 'fun'. Just another thing that needed to be done. The gemstone customization was terrific. d) the army screen really needs more information exposed to the player. At the very least, Captain levels should be visible above their heads, but ideally a way of filtering vulnerabilities, weapons and skills would be nice. All in all, it was a good playthrough but I'm happy to move on to something else.
  5. Didn't want to start a new thread just for my comments so I'll put them here. Very fun game for the first 10-20 hours or so. Particularly story mode was well put together, with good difficulty progression, a mix of characters and styles to play, and a good plot line. After Chapter 3 the 'requests' portion opens up, and after completing 3 requests for a person you are treated to a quick cutscene - some of these are quite amusing and add a lot to the game (this coming from someone who doesn't watch the show or even anime really.) What I didn't like were: a) the horse often gets in my way and/or isn't available when I need him b) some enemies get caught on terrain periodically, making it tough to take them down efficiently c) the incredible achievement grind! Even though this game is a lot of fun, and I recommend trying it, dev choices introduce a lot of grinding for the full 100%. Personally I can't be bothered. Getting all S levels or Dire Subjugations are understandable, but 100% Gallery completion is incredibly labor intensive and repetitive. If you decide not to do that, like me, that's two achievements missed (including the one for 100% completion) and at that rate it's easy to skip some others too, like 100% request completion. Since requests are somewhat sequenced, you end up doing the same things over and over again. Would be better if all 81 requests were known ahead of time so you could attack them simultaneously, but then that would take away from the playtime "value" one gets from this title, I guess. Anyway, TLDR: great game, worth trying; big commitment required to grind 100% completion
  6. I just finished this on medium difficulty and can say it's pretty much fixed now, and actually I had a great time with it. The only achievement I've had an issue with so far was for capturing all strikepoints. It was stuck at 97% after completing all of them, so I started a new game on medium to get the last two.
  7. Likely worth mentioning in the guide for the game that there are health upgrades available in the closet that should be attained asap. I was saving my coins for the costume/all upgrades achievements and didn't know they were there until the end of the game. Still a straightforward 1k, but 5 bars would have been easier than with only 2.
  8. Thanks a ton drfsupercenter; used your spreadsheet and it was really convenient (and 100% accurate of course!)
  9. Agreed, terrible game on the xbox, avoid like the plague. Getting gold on all the levels takes more patience than I have at the moment. Back on the shelf it goes.
  10. I didn't think it was that terrible tbh. Sure, the graphics were rough, waypoints limited, and invisible walls a bit annoying, there were quite a few novel ideas in here I thought. The 'important' characters that you weren't supposed to kill was something I haven't seen before, and very few games implement a secret level. The story was fleshed out in pretty good detail for a shooter, plus it was a plot that hasn't been done to death in other games.
  11. Played Anemone Avenue as suggested and kept track of my highest sprockets if anyone wants something to aim for during this otherwise mindless grind: - 4506 for the regular characters - 5575 for Mr. Krabs with the extra money special power
  12. Method works really well. Just a couple reminders of stuff previously mentioned: - stomp (jump plus X) works as well, and I found it to be very quick and accurate - coins do stop dropping but don't worry, you'll get a melee +100 bonus after your multiplier gets up a bit. From that point on it's 100 pts per grub which goes by pretty quickly - It was tough to tell when the multiplier hits the melee bonus of 100, but I think it was after either 18 or 20 kills. Takes no time to get that many in any case, and by no means do you need a multiplier and higher than that as the bonus maxes at 100 per kill anyway.
  13. Amazing guide, great descriptions, thanks!
  14. Thanks for taking the time to create this guide; people are still using it years later.
  15. I just finished this game and have to say that it wasn't nearly as bad as people made it out to be. Very X-Comish, and even on easy I had to restart a level a couple times. Not that it was a tough game, don't be put off by that, just that it wasn't a total cakewalk on easy either. And you'll want to play on easy I think, as there are many, many missions you'll need to complete to finish all the achievements. That's my main complaint actually: the game got fairly repetitive in the middle. As for the glitched achievements, you can definitely work around them by planning ahead and getting all the 'collective' ones in one turn/mission. Example: level 10 is 1000xp, so for the level 10 of each class achievement, just keep an eye on your crew, and when they get to 980xp or so, bench them until you have one of each class ready to level up, and them take them all out at once on a big mission. I had no trouble that way. Similarly with the Volm: just save up enough metal at the end to research all the weapons at once. If you enjoy X-com style games, and liked the show at all, I'd say this is worth a playthrough, and the game is very cheap used these days.
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