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  1. I have been also having a lot of trouble with mine, though removing it from the surge protector seemed to help when I tried. I unfortunately don't have enough outlets by my TV to make that a viable solution however
  2. I plan on getting both at some point (I already have battleborn preordered) I played the first tehcnical test for battleborn and it really didn't excite me. I just don't usually have the time or patience for MOBAs But then playing the beta I was really getting into it and enjoyed it a lot so I preordered right after. Haven't been following overwatch too much, but the hype train has been has been catching me lately
  3. This I was having a lot of issues when I first got my box, but when I started doing this they worked every time. I usually hold them until I hear the disk drive start making a clicking noise and then let it go
  4. There were more than three moles around for me when I cleared it, there might be a glitch with yours spawning. Did you check to make sure there are none hiding behind the movie screen (I had a couple stuck back there). Does your objective still say to clear it and not to build the radio tower?
  5. Fallout out 4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider just came in the mail Got the email yesterday that Battlefront has shipped too! Too many games too little time...
  6. I agree that the variety has been pretty poor for me as well But overall I enjoy these kind of systems. I feel like it takes an appropriate amount of work to get a gold pack and I usually get one or two cool things in them when I open them. Just adds another element of enjoyment to the game
  7. So I went back to try and fix my stuck achievement today after it had been a few days since completing the episode. I went into collectible mode and just got a random photo and the achievement unlocked Worth a try I guess if anyone else has "selfie awareness" stuck
  8. Looks like they fixed it If you access the episode from the disk it should show up as free now I just tried it and it works
  9. I'm having the same issue... Could anybody download it from the disk?
  10. well the "selfie awareness" achievement didn't unlock for me despite having all the other photo achievements. Here's hoping it fixes itself
  11. Have you tried Hard Resetting your box an then reloading the game I had some issues with the game not loading completely and after I did that it loaded up great afterwards
  12. While you can play the entire game without building a single lego, it really adds a lot to the game if you do imo. Without the toys it's just another lego game (though a fantastic one), but there's something really enjoyable about seeing the little characters and toys standing there unmoving while you are controlling them within the game. It makes me feel like I'm playing the lego movie lol. Also TT have said that they plan on supporting the game for a long time (I remember reading until 1018 I think) with the same technology, so I'd hold on to that portal...
  13. I got my NXBE update last night, so yah it is likely that
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