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  1. I need all the weapons as well. If anybody would be willing to help me i don't actually want to keep them. I just want to hold them until the cheevo pops then ill be golden! If anybody wants to help me out i would appreciate it. GT:GameJunkie AP Edit: I know this is not the right thread for this but if anyone has all the clothes as well that would be great.
  2. If you need another person to boost all the multiplayer achievements let me know. Just shoot me a message on LIVE saying ORC so we can set something up. Gt: GameJunkie AP
  3. Only need one person so we can knock out both team versus achievements. Let me know of you want in. Gt: Gamejunkie AP
  4. Looking to boost the wins for team slayers/survivors need 2 others to help with this. Send me a message on Xbox if you're interested just mention RE5.
  5. I'm looking to mash out the multiplayer achievements so if anyone is gonna set up a game or needs an extra person let me know.
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