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  1. 3v3 just for the ricochet and hitting all abilities is even easier. Mark them, then stun, ult and then jump on them. Also a lot of these achievements are glitched. Just got 100 kills w/ Nu Wa ult after 1 kill, a lot of these unlock off minions (Rama ult, Sol Ult, Bakasura Butcher Blades, etc), I got Ra healing w/ ~20k healing, and then some won't unlock like Master At Arms, Ouch! and possibly Clay Explosion.
  2. Hou Yi's are easy though? You can get it in one game. The only annoying one is having to get 100 kills with Nu Wa's ult (well not counting The Reborn Prince achievements)
  3. Sylvannus disabled temporarily cause it was causing game to crash.
  4. Anyone know how to get to chest roll? Won all matches today.
  5. If I'm doing good in jungle I get ahead. Need to do what dannyboy is saying and stay for wave clear for the extra xp/gold. Also phoenix helped out a lot earlier in joust: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/In%20Marshall/video/7099239
  6. What is considered a 'good' game? Like right now if I get 5+ kills and a few death with assists I'm happy. My best was 17/2/10 with Arachne and I was really happy with that. But a couple days ago I had a Bellona on my team who went 49/2/7.
  7. Thanks, and does that goodwill reset daily or?
  8. Earn 2x everything this weekend. http://www.smitegame.com/june-18-19-double-everything/
  9. Hopefully the skin changes (gold+) don't go past those two. I really like them for some of the gods.
  10. True, but so does the god I play as (Scylla)
  11. Hate playing against Ratatoskr
  12. Think I'mma stick with Scylla Edit: What does this stuff mean? I know blue is player level http://puu.sh/j3dnk.jpg
  13. http://www.poolnationfx.com/news/xbox-one-patch-coming-soon Achievements/endurance, cameras and AI being made easier are the important ones imo
  14. It's just glitched. The 8 ball tour has the same issue.
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