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  1. I'm sure this has to do with the new DLC that was released. Any thought to having all of this actually tied with the accounts so people no longer have to check them off as they are earned? Thanks.
  2. Bcofman

    Game Freezes

    This game is awful. It consistently freezes at the exact same spot 15 minutes into the game requiring me to reboot my Xbox One. It's shortly after you get to the first roof section in the game. I've been waiting for an update which hasn't come.
  3. Even though it was a 'Crackle Original' it was still way better than it had a right to be. A lot of fun and if you're a Dead Rising fan you should check it out.
  4. This game is easier than Dead Rising 2 but still suffers from missions you have to get to right away or they time out. If there's a mission for the game I want to play it and I want to have time to roam every nook and cranny in the game.
  5. I loved this game other than the time sensitive missions. I'm the type of guy who likes it slow and steady and searching every nook and cranny.
  6. Guess this means I should give it another try. I really hated this. Loved Left4Dead 1 and 2 and Dead Rising.
  7. Any game I play where my wife walks buy and says 'What the f--k are you playing?' is a great game in my book. Happened when the aborted babies kept coming out of the breasts of a boss. Amazing game!
  8. Bcofman


    I have no rhythm. This game hates me.
  9. The controls were terrible. They could learn a lesson of two from Telltale Games on how to make a 'story' game.
  10. Might have enjoyed it more if it didn't feel so much on rails. A larger world and the ability to explore would be more to my liking.
  11. I'd always heard what a great game this was but I really couldn't get into. Not sure if it's just dated now it felt repetitive and the controls were janky. My buddy said people only played this in the first place because it originally came with a beta for one of the Halo games. Feels like a throw awy game to me.
  12. This is a great game. Incredibly relaxing to play. Not incredibly challenging to get 1000 points. I was pretty sad when I had nothing left to do. They should have created some good DLC before Microsoft gave it away for free.
  13. I gave up on 5-1. I just can't get it. Loved the game up until that point though. Now my Chariot can sit and gather dust. ...and speed runs suck.
  14. This game is a total button masher that has no soul. I keep waiting for it to get better and it was just more of the same.
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