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  1. What is up with this year's games and their game breaking bugs and studios not taking the time to fix them?
  2. Especially when it pops during the loading/saving screen, made me worry that I had reset my 360. Didn't experience any frame rate drops during the action scenes. Had one happen when you break's the head of the zombie that was tied up to a tree.
  3. If that is true, why haven't they put a video clip talking about yet? While it is nice to see that publishers are against this, they aren't the big ones. While Ubisoft and Capcon are big publishers they aren't real heavy hitters, we need EA and/or Acitivsion to speak up about this to make Google double think this. While Blizzard is apart of Activision, in a fashion Activision is speaking out against this, we need an official statement from the company to see what is their point of view on this. Also it not the publishers that are doing this, its the music labels that are doing this. Look at this video from DSPGaming, love him or hate him, he dig up some more details about this whole issue, WARRING he dose curse toward the end of the video: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91A36neoaDo]Dec 12 2013 - HUGE Content ID News: Publisher Responds, and COPYRIGHT STRIKE!!! WTF - YouTube[/ame]
  4. That's makes sense, it also could be the fact that they are news channels and thus are immune to this new policy. Also from what other partner channels are saying, they aren't immune to this as well, it seems that Goggle did and end run around them as well. Also some developers/publishers have spoken out about this saying they were totally unaware of this and aren't happy with Googgle with this. Since this policy automadic(Sp?) it flagging videos that have copywritted stuff that is from THQ and isn't that a studio that is out of business.
  5. Here is another thing, that I don't think is a bug, but a little strange Alien adducation missions appearing when I have complete statlie coverage, I know for a fact that in Unknown when you had complete statalie coverage those missions will stop appearing. Also in the locations, one of the location was from a country that I lost, I also recall in Unknown, if you lost a country you couldn't do a mission in that place for the rest of the game. I am thinking the game is trying to give me missions that will unlock the International Service Cross, which didn't unlock in this game, or because of the EXALT missions that CAN happen in countries that you have lost, but at this point of the game I destroyed the EXALT base.
  6. It seems to me if those specific missions don't trigger earlier on in the game that won't trigger at all. On my second game and I in Nov. and the Site Recon mission that trigger earlier on isn't triggering at all despite the fact that I got the best armor and weapons to deal with the aliens in that mission.
  7. We all know that XCOM: Ememy Unknown had two big bugs naming the teleoparting bug that you got when you hunker down your troops, and yes I have encounter it many times and the seeing enemies that aren't there, another one that I encounter before. Now, I would like to know what type of bugs that you have encountered in XCOM:Emeny Within. 1.) Stuck in Alien Acitivity bug, yes I have encountered this one several times and the only way to get out of it, is to Dashboard out, you can't even bring up the pause menu at this time, destroying any progress that you might have if you didn't save. I feel sorry for PC users whom get this because I know that they can't dashboard out. Twice this happen in the Temple Ship and right at the end as well. Thank god, I wasn't doing this on Ironman mode. 2.) Critical Wounded soldiers falling through the map, I had an assault get cirtical wounded by a Sectopod, again those things got to be nerfed somehow, and fell through the map, because of that I was unable to get to them before they bled out. This happen on a Supply ship. I had to reload that mission, thank god I save right before I encountered that thing. 3.) Having an alien adducation mission pop up while you are en route to an EXALT mission and you can't select either one of them. The only thing that you can do is scan for activity and because you didn't do the EXALT mission you lose your troop whom was on it. While you found the alien base on top of it and because of that I was forced to do the alien base assault much earlier than I liked. 4.) And it seems according to this video, the teleporting bug is still around in Enemy Within: Head to the 5:26 mark of the video and you will see what I mean. Also you should note he is playing the PC version of the game, but I don't think that matters.
  8. Yes, I did and if you look up my gamertag on XBOX.com you will see that I got the achivements for them as well. I really like the Dam mission map, it ashame that map is only used on that mission unlike the Train Station map that was used on the Confirming Light mission, which can be used on Bomb mission and/or Alien Adducations mission. Not for me, those missions appeared before I found found the Exalt base so I don't think that is a factor as well. I think the right tigger for their mission to show up is when you build a Psy Lab.
  9. I always use Rapid Fire and Close and Personal on my assaults. I found out that Suppression on both Supports and Heavies actually works on Sectopods, because it causes the target to suffer a 30% aim debuff, snice Sectopods in this version of XCOM are pretty dam good shots. In Unknown they sucked at aiming. I also read up on 2K forums that Disabling Shot from Snipers actually works on them while in Unknown it never worked.
  10. I think my game glitch AGAIN, because I am playing again to get the other DLC missions, which I did, but the International Service Cross medal never unlocked, and I did the base defense mission and I don't think it will ever unlocked on my second game. So it look like other playthrough to get this achievement and I don't think I will get "An Army of Four" any time soon, because of the buffed Sectopods in the later missions. Seriously, Fraxis needs to nerfed them, not to the point that they were in Unknown, but fine a middle ground with them.
  11. No I didn't and I don't think that matter, because in Unknown I lost China, but I was still able to do the Slingshot missions. Anyway I am doing another playthrough on Easy just get these missions, and I did complete Portent and the Slingshot missions, which came one after another.
  12. Yeah, but those longer load times freak me out a little, because I think the game has crashed and it is stuck in a loading screen.
  13. Especially where I live, because XFinity has a cable box/DVR called the X1. I just call it the One.
  14. Anybody noticed that the load times are longer than the ones that were in Unknown. Also I am watched some Let's Plays of this game on the PS3 and it seems that the game on the PS3 loads faster.
  15. I never got the Portent mission yet and I did build the Psy lab, so what is up with the game?
  16. I would like to know how do you get the Prospect and Furies missions? I know that when you first load the game your get an option to play these mission and I did select them, but the only special missions that I got where the ones from Slingshot which I completed. Please note I am a year in game time, with complete satellite coverage, playing on Normal, I shot down the Overseer ship and built the Gallop Chamber. Also I removed the human fraction's base as well. I would like to know what did I do wrong, or dose the game make the choice of what DLC mission you will do and if you completed them won't give your access to them until your start a new game.
  17. Tell me about it, that mission might of raise my blood pressure a little, but I did, but I had sacrifice a low level troop, thinking it a normal counsel mission, with Thin Men, boy I WAS WRONG. Yup, lost quite a few troops because of that new mechanic, in Unknown, if you had an assault with the Alloy Cannon with Rapid Fire, you easily take those thing down and trigger their overwatch shoot, if you had Lighthing Reflexes on your Assaults. The only class that can do same damage as in Unknown, to them are your Snipers if you had Double Tap with a Plasma sniper riffle. With the Sectopods and their ability to attack twice, they had that in Unknown as well, but the second shot wasn't as accuracy as the first shot. Also you forgot to mention this, in Unknown if they bent down and had a red cone, it meant that they were readying themselves for a missile strike. This also meant that they didn't have an overwatch shot, so you can move your troops infront of it without the fear of getting hit by it, not so in Within. Now if your try that, you will get shot by its overwatch shot. It seems that they got nerfed in this version of the game, heck when they reflect your shot, they still take damage. In Unknown if they reflect your shot, which happen a lot, they took no damage. It also seems that cyberdisks are rarer, I mean the last alien abduction mission did before I had complete satellite coverage, that when they first appeared in that type of mission. I think in Unknown they started to appear in alien abduction mission after the 4th mouth. In my alien base raid, there were no cyberdisks, I think in Unknown, there at least one in all of my raids, maybe two.
  18. Nope not new that genre, been playing them since the NES days. Also I notice that controls in Legends are a bit stiffer when compare to Origins, and yes I play that one as well. Also in Origins in the ones with the air currents you could stop on a dime, not in Legends and that goes the same with the water levels, but I don't have trouble with them.
  19. Okay thanks, do you what happen to the site to cause this?
  20. Well I have to disagree with you. Because I spent almost two hours on of the air current ones I couldn't complete, because either I ran into enemies, got knock into spikes, or ran out of time. So I come to the theory that either a, you are lying( no offense) or b, you did with a second player.
  21. Okay, I used FireFox and it seems that FireFox is reporting these forums as an attack site. The only way that I can post here is via Safari, my other broswer that I don't used to much. Is anybody else getting this? Also I check out PS3tropies.org and their forums and got nothing. So what is up with that?
  22. I questioning the fact that you guys rate this game @ 5 on the achievements, I think you should up it either to 7 or an 8. Because some of the speed stages, manly the ones where you have to float on the air currents near impossible to do in a minute never the less under 40 seconds.
  23. Again, I am only going by from what I have seen in the various trailers so take it as you want. Also, I never played any of the original Xcom games, I was 13 when the first game came out and 15 when the second one came out. From what I have seen with the first one, I won't enjoy it as much as I did with this one.
  24. It's a brand new game apart from Enemy Unknown and all of your saves from that game WON'T transfer to this one. But it seems that it is continuing the story from that game.
  25. Update, I can plug my Mac directly to the Modem and get online without a problem, but when I plug it into the router, I can't get online with neither my 360 or my computer. I talk to a neighbor about this, who dose this for a living, they say it could either be the wires or/and the network cards either in my Mac or my 360, which is almost two years old, that is failing and causing interfernce. Because they say that it sounds like I am having communication problems with the devices. I tried the Wi-FI way, and yes it worked for about a day, where I could be on Live and my computer at the same time, and then it failed, which I could get online with my 360, but not my computer.
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