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  1. Ok so I didn't kill anyone and achievement didn't pop I did pick up guns but didn't use them. Is that why it didn't pop
  2. First play through and I am starting my second. So much to take in and it is nice not to see a splicer every turn.
  3. :confused:I am having loading problems with the main game disc is not scratched no probs cause it begins to load then freezes up from main screen. I really hope it is a server problem because of RAPTURE.:(
  4. :(played all five chapters and achievement did not pop found out it killed episode #2 anyone else
  5. Legendary for me having trouble with keeping 1 soldier alive on 2/3 finished last night with the 2 second chapter

    Halo 4 Xbox

    Thanks for that most people say it is just another fancy Xbox

    Halo 4 Xbox

    Does anyone know what comes with it beside the game? I have been told other stuff loaded on it but no one knows what.
  8. Well I really need to know when to jump or stand on grenade plasma or regular on (the silent cartographer and assault on the control room). I am just getting around to the first halo completed all the halo games finishing the anniversary halo and I am going to pull my hair out if I can't get those skulls so any help would be appreciated.
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