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  1. True, just playing the last on now, Escape from Starkiller Base, very disappointed with the Season pass again. I may still enjoy the games but definitely not buying season pass again, not that I have even heard of any upcoming Lego games anyway. Hey, I've just noticed that it only contains 3 level packs = 150 extra GS instead of the 5 level packs that was contained in the last one (and 250 extra GS). Now I feel even more ripped off!
  2. Great, thanks. I just wish the game was more regular, the amount of times I've had to rerun a level that should work but doesn't - they must have included Chaos Theory in the game design.
  3. I'm stuck on level 57, I've watched guides on Youtube but the games fails to flow the same. Where the ball should coast over the wall, the updated graphics cause it to bounce off instead.
  4. The next ones does look somewhere in between. From what I have read, it adds vault 88 near Quincey and the achievements do have more to it that 'build it'. You have missions to complete to unlock the various vault building stuff. I does seem to balance out at 3 mission based add-ons (okay only 2 have separate locations) and a few 'horse armors'.
  5. You can, would you always want to? Some have taken a dive in quality lately and some just simply resemble medals rather than screen shot quality.
  6. It does come with a special background for the home screen - although they have been unless since the first NXE.
  7. So do I get anything for it like an avatar award cause the stud count used to be a regular achievement on all the other games?
  8. Just started, there is an achievement for 2 billion studs but it doesn't show a Gamerscore it shows a gem instead?!? Anyone got a clue?
  9. Hmm, I think it has been fine so far and who's to say they won't do more workshop stuff or improve on a mod that some-one makes. Still as far as extras, they increased what we bought the season pass for originally and the user created mods add an uncertain future as far as creativity goes. I just wish they would raise the limit from 2gb, seems a little small to me if people want to keep stuff or make area add-ons. So far I would consider to be one of the best value games I bought for the One to date as far as pound (dollar) per hour goes. I only reason I left it alone for now is I want all the dlc out then I can play with mods on after getting all the achvmts.
  10. There is a workaround as such. You have to start a new game with the add-on only. It gives you a level 30 character that is a bit naff but the achievement actually popped for me soon as I made the stuff, so it's a case for 4 bits, 3 buys and a horse race win. Okay so it took me for days cause I thought you would have to level up to level 38 and ware the stuff as the thing says but making them is enough.
  11. Just tried another thing, found out the oil then went on youtube and found its location. Nabbed it the entered the hideout and it had been replaced by a random relic weapon. I think the only other possible method is to remove the DLC hence removing the locations, then get all the superior oils before reinstalling the DLC but it might have the same result. Very p1ssed off! What I don't understand is I got the horse bits, bought the sword, armour and a sword diagram, found the guantlets, boots and trouser untranslated diagrams so what the hell is the fourth one?
  12. Didn't fix it for me or maybe it just created a new problem. Got quest but explored instead to uncover what each ? was and in the process not only bought and won the first stuff but collected 3 diagrams. When I did the quest the red chest in the hide out only has a superior potion diagram and the quest stays locked on 'search the hideout' Luckily I had a pre dlc save (just before you give Ciri the silver sword) and this time just did quest and it had the same result, so achievement screwed and quest screwed for me!
  13. I reckon they will as long as people use an unmodded save file by selecting it in the loading options, I think you press Y to change profile. Personally I'll wait to mess with mods once all the add-ons have been release and hopefully by then they will have raised the 2Gb joke of the threshold and the experienced modders will have done area and story content and not just silly little extras.
  14. I've played many a RPG but this games seems very different. Normally you would wander off and kill loads of respawners and sell the loot and pretty much a few hours into the game you'd have a load of money and skills. But the game seems very stingy on selling income and very short on Xp per kills, also the enemies you face just don't flow with the area. I'm as far into the game as the frozen village and Henriks is dead but am only level five even though I've killed everything and done the whole of the last area. I've picked up loads of schematics for stuff 10 to 20 levels above me and where as I have no problem stunning and killing foes at level 16 have trouble killing anyone with a simple wooden shield. What exactly is the head space behind the flow of the game and why does it keep giving me secondary missions so much higher than me?
  15. I gave up trying anyway. I spent a hour or so repeatedly inputting my login using a usb keyboard to only get onto the menu a total of 3 times. I tried downloading the power armour skins twice and the lazer sabers once and nothing downloaded and I just got bounced out each time. I'll give it another go in a weeks or so.
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