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  1. There is also a team in 2nd spanish league that has the (nearly) same stripes... I have those if you want to trade.
  2. Hi there ! I am looking after 2 "special" cards that are : - RC Lens kit - RC Lens sign If anyone has those, I would love to get these two as it has been a few weeks I have been looking for these and never saw those in the trading section. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi ! I have just a question, yesterday I got the 100 chemistry team, continued a game in the tournament I had started but the achievements did not unlock... does it only unlock in single matches ? Thanks in advance.
  4. thedoublerh > Add me if you wish so that we can trade that achievement.
  5. Hi ! my GT is manjimaru22 I am from France and would love to get those 2 achievements... sounds very fast indeed... I usually connect to XBL at 9pm (GMT).
  6. I am having troubles with the 1CC achievements... I have finished the game twice with Fululu in arcade mode with all default options : difficulty 3/5 and 5 minutes (excepted the BGM I switched to Arrange). I passed through, level 1, level 1 boss mode and level 2 before finishing with the boss battle. I did not get touched until last boss... finished the game without using any other continue and achievement did not unlock... Somebody has the same problem ???
  7. You're a boss I will try to do those tonight !
  8. Hi ! I am a bit disappointed with some secret achievements I can't unlock, such as : - 友達に手を上げるなんてっ! ウィンディアプレイ時でサキュラの自爆を待ちました。(秘密の実績) 10 - 弾幕薄いよ! 一切の攻撃をせずにボスまで辿り着きました。(ボム・パワーアップも使用不可)(秘密の実績) 20 - 食いしん坊 1回のプレイでライフ回復アイテムを4個入手しました。(秘密の実績) 25 Could you please help me by telling me how to unlock those ? Thanks in advance !
  9. Here are the matching characters that are needed in Dramatic Mode in order to unlock all the character galleries (after beating the game with all the characters) Kuga & Roger -- Kuga & Kim -- Kuga & Nagino Roger & Hyuga -- Hyuga & Fumiko Fumiko & Emilio -- Fumiko & Reika Reika & Roger -- Roger & Munch Batou & Kim -- Batou & Nagino -- Batou & Kuga Munch & Kim -- Reika & Munch
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