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  1. Does anyone know how to unlock the planet Neptune? The wiki says you should defeat the Raptor boss on Europa which I have completed several times but I am not getting a Nav Segment. Thanks
  2. I have read comments elsewhere and a theory exists that if a player quits a player match and you beat the AI you get a win but if a player quits a ranked match you don't get credit for the win. Based on that, play player matches only.
  3. I have had some problems when I exit a bonus level and return to the level I was on. I can't move. I can activate maps and dynamite etc but can't move and have to restart. Anyone experienced this and more importantly found a solution? :EDIT: Not so much of a problem now. Once I complete the bonus level and it has the button to click on to return to the game level I have stopped and waited a few secs before clicking on it. This seems to have solved it.
  4. I've done 10 in one sitting now and got both achievements. Just wondering if there are any challenges that will be worth getting. These 50 or 100XP challenges aren't really going to help the grind to 100 much.
  5. I restarted my PC and when it loaded up again and went to the store I was able to get an update. Achievements are now unlocking. I am on Win 8.1.
  6. I am going to be online playing F1 2010 PC for the next few days if people want to do some MP races. Send me a message.
  7. 51 and 54 didn't cause me too much grief. The trick with 54 was equip the right gear to get the instant chain bonus and then play until you get lucky. If it happened soon into the fight then a 5* was easy. I have had several goes at 64. The first go was 0 star but I got the gold watch and the next couple of goes have been 4*. I am tweeking my set up to get a bit more agressive and finish it off a bit quicker. So far down to 12 minutes. My team have 3 maxed out roles at the moment.
  8. I wonder if your choices in Ep1 affect episode 2 etc. That could add a lot of gameplay if you restart at ep1 and use different choices through the 5 episodes.
  9. I am asuming before you do anything that drastic you know you can narrow down which part of the city you need to work on?
  10. I have been having this problem lately too, this is after heaps of games without problems. I have found that if I dashboard and reload it will eventually work. It may take 4 or 5 reloads but it will finally recognise the DLC as being on the system.
  11. The producer of the game responded on their website for this game to my problems with "on point" and provided the following reponse. I can't remember if my successful time I got clean landings but if you have a friend with another xbox I would try it on their machine.
  12. I've been flip floping on my impressions of the game. I'm nearing the end of my 2nd playthrough this time on Insane so I guess I have put in enough hours to form my final impression. Overall I would give it a 5/10. I'd pick it up in a bargin bin. My main gripes with the game would be that the loading time is really annoying especially when playing on Insane. 40 secs (I timed it) is just too much after dying. The rest can be summarised as an average shooter with some funny one liners which become a bit boring after you've heard them all. If your a duke nukem fan you will probably enjoy one playthrough. If your going for all achievements then some of them are plain annoying. The two pinball achievements are annoying, sinking all balls on the pool table for an ego boost was very frustrating for me. I think the longer you play the game the more you hate it. I hope to wrap it up today and then it will never see my console again.
  13. I've completed 13/23 levels on Insane. I have used the chapter select to do the more difficult levels first which meant I started with default weapons each time which probably made things a bit tougher for me. I have finished Crash Course and all the boss battles. As has been mentioned a few times patience is a big part of beating Insane. The game is generally ok with a few hard parts thrown in but there are some good strategies to follow. And I would disagree with the comment that enemies rush you. Maybe in a few parts but most of the time you can pick them off. I'm looking forward to finishing this pile of poo and selling it. Oh and the DLC is definitely easier then the main campaign IMO.
  14. Finally got this achievement. I am certain it glitched on me. I plugged Kinect into my second xbox and used my original save and it worked first time.
  15. Hey all, Struggling to get this on point achievement. I have landed the hoop on fireworks 3 times in a row multiple times without it unlocking. I have tried joining another gamesave and doing the same thing with out success. Importantly my dummy accounts haven't unlocked it either so I am guessing I am doing something wrong. The people I have spoken to about this haven't been able to shed any light as most have seemed to pop this without too much drama. Is anyone able to provide me some tips and help to get this. Its my last damn achievement on this game! ::EDIT:: Just got 4 in a row and still nothing. I am not getting any combo bonus in the scoring but I am not getting any miss in between getting the hoop over the next firework either. I read somewhere to take your time between shots so the firework doesn't hit the next hoop but is this wrong?
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