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  1. I'm really enjoying this game so far! Definitely given me some 'LIMBO' nostalgia...
  2. Started playing again after a few months, and boom! The game now works. Hoping for others as well... * (Asturgis). Not sure when the game actually got "Fixed". Although, when I tried it over the past weekend the game worked just fine. I was so happy to finally get the chance to start my journey! P.S. I've been trying at least once or twice each month to Play since the last post here, (which was in August), and January must of hit the spot.*** Could be wrong though... Like I said, I don't know exactly when the game was fixed just know it works for me. - p a t i e n c e / payshince
  3. So, what is it about this game that people Like, Dislike, etc... ?! *(Please no Spoilers)*. Would just like to know and for other's reading, how the game is and what people's opinions and what they know about this game are. Thanks! - Nate a.k.a. Pay-shince*
  4. I deleted my Save and everything else! I reported 'misleading app', and I also reported 'poor performance' for this game. Along with a detailed reason to why I cannot interact with doors!* Hopefully for the both of us, - (Asturgis), we will have an update very soon and be playing. There always seems to be a problem with one game and or another, that's life. Patience I guess... - Payshince
  5. I bought this game a few weeks back and I don't have the issue you're having but when the game was at it's lowest price, which was, ($7-8), I believe? The game started loaded up fine and all, than once the first scene ended and I got to the entrance to my front door the Game just stopped working...* ("Stopped Working"), as in objects, and The Main Door I could not interact with. I uninstalled, I did a hard-reset, I also started a New game, nothing worked! I still have yet to find anyone with this same problem. - Nate a.k.a. Payshince
  6. Is it something I said or something you misinterpreted I simply said, What happened to the game... ? Like Pants Party said, - I assume he's asking when the 100 titles update will be coming to fix it, because he thinks it's broken? Ah-ha! indeed I do think the game is broken, and I also am wondering why?! How many of you die hard GoW fans feel more hate, I mean (stress more than usual) than love out of this game. The game makes its own new rules every other match I play... lol Gears has always been a Love/Hate type of game and I loved that! Now... well... things feel different. The game just doesn't seem to lead up to my, or the Remastered expectations.* I cannot be alone on this one because every time I play I hear someone, and another, etc complaining about how the game needs another update. Hence the title of the thread. Just a gamer who is curious, a beautiful game with so many problems. - Payshince
  7. I do not know what happened to this game... I always remember [email protected] at all of the Gears of War series but this one right here is just plain ol' BS. Maybe because this is a Remastered version, on a new console, and or still fairly new, I do not have the answer. If anybody does please feel free to tune in. - Payshince (with sadly no patience. :'( - a die hard GoW fan).
  8. Oh and yeah the wait... We waited a hell of a lot longer in Gears1. ...buuut yeah I agree with other's the wait time in competitive is 2nd, War Journal!? We didn't even have a war journal in gears of war 1. what are you guys/girls looking for? The Coalition team gave us that, comics to read, and then some. I don't see how "that" is a problem... Everyone be like LOL
  9. First off, remember everyone this isn't Gears of War one this is the Ultimate Edition. (Not on the 360 but on the Xbox One). Also... Nor is this game Gears 2, 3, neither is it Judgment! This game is completely diverse than any other Gears of War just like all the others Gears of War's were. 1. Gnasher is unpredictable.* I body someone and they shoot my head off one shot once I roll back 10-15 ft away. WTF?! LOL 2. I swear the Lancer has some sort of "stopping power" ability! 3. Gnades and Gnasher are OP and Sniping is a hell of a lot easier. (Then again this is Xbox one and almost ten years later so the graphics are going to be sharper), and "HD", etc, etc.*** I do appreciate the Spotting that they threw in there! I do appreciate the NO blue/red colored enemies/characters - (thank god). I am happy with this game, REMEMBER like I said this is just an updated version of Gears of War one. It is not even close to Gears of War one but it is at the same paradoxical level. I'm still getting used to everything but then again the game JUST came out. Everyone just breathe take a look at how beautiful this game is and yeah despite the numerous problems that should be fixed, just be grateful we have this UE to play! I could go on but I just wanted to emphasis on the first things that came to mind! - Payshince
  10. Maybe... but yeah this is painful lol. Although maybe not. A couple friends got Around the World a few days ago...
  11. B!tch thread>? Have yet to see. There needs to be one.
  12. I've been playing this game since midnight as soon as the game came out almost every day now and have seen bulletmarsh ONCE! Ex:This morning the map is almost loaded up and what do you know 5 people veto the map. SURPRISE! Despite the map being supposedly "bad", from what I've been hearing it shouldn't matter. I have yet to play it and who wants to play Mansion and Mausoleum, and Garden too over and over... lol? (despite them being good, which they are), regardless. The cycling of maps is ridiculous because I rarely get Escalation or Subway and like I said it has been one week + now and I've seen Bulletmarsh once!... o n c e . LOL and WTF anyways it isn't that big of a deal it is just a fact that things need to be fixed. I'm also having trouble with handyman and got every weapon kill, - and yeah I'm at 1k too* almost so just something to rant about Still love the game... - Payshince
  13. I'm @ the part where I choose a car skin and it glitched on me, twice. I already restarted the checkpoint, do I really have to restart the chapter. I won't takes too long and that just makes me not want to play for another month + SMH too many good games are pissing me off because of bugs like this. I'll restart my xbox1 and etc see if that changes. Anyone else have an issue like this? - Payshince
  14. I concur, although you should convert this topic into the gears of war: Remastered forum... Tbh I do think things should be mixed up, I mean c'mon another 100 kills with every weapon woooow lol. The grand honorable Seriously!!!! I think they should do 250 with each weapon, And call me crazy also keep the SERIOUSLY.... seriously.. I will go for it idc this game is beautiful and I became a nerd because of it, I fell in love with Gow 1 and will again, (not the same way), but keep things similar achievement wise, yes especially like seriously. Will they do it... Good question I would be very surprised if they did and i Would laugh my A$^ off! So many would be excited whilst others, well pissed.. Weapons and other stuff, make them more creative kind of like Gears of War 3 Ribbons and what not so yeah thats my take on things. Good post btw, def a good thing to ponder... We Will See very shortly - Pay-shince a.k.a. Nate
  15. Like games in situations like this one in particular, If I start a new game will it ruin my current game or.... Can I start a NEW GAME and it bring me to another save slot? Thanks, Nate a.k.a. Payshince
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