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  1. Seconded. Did this with a friend and he's now at 12 golds with no achievement.
  2. If you have Rock Band Blitz, then Jungle Boogie is awesome. I hit 76% of the notes (was playing horribly as I'm not that good & it's a bit tough), but in spite of that still scored 372 HOPO's in 3:09 for an average of 1.97 HOPOS per second. I'd venture a guess that there's upwards of 500 in the song. 590 Looking at [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Z8EAkdCpww]the video[/ame] & counting, I counted 590 HOPOs. That' means a FC would net 3.12 HOPOS per second! I'm also a little surprised that the OP didn't mention Wanted Dead or Alive from RB1. It's an easy song, and nets you in the ballpark of 400 HOPOs in 4:10, or about 1.6 HOPO's per second.
  3. Personally I'm down to my final two challenges: * hit 20 fast red balls in one game * alternate fast and slow balls for four hits I don't understand what counts as fast or slow hits, any tips?
  4. My electro times: Electro (par time 20:00): 1st checkpoint (before saving workers) 1:24 2nd chekcpoint (after saving workers) 2:28 3rd checkpoint (after 1st electro battle) 4:41 4th checkpoint (before dam) 5:24 5th checkpoint 6:32 6th checkpoint (before 2nd electro battle) 7:27 7th checkpoint (after 2nd electro battle) 9:52 8th checkpoint (before saving workers) 12:13 9th checkpoint (before last battle) 16:07 end: 18:37 It's definitely one of the tougher timed missions. I still have Goblin & Carnage left (haven't tried either yet), but thus far Electro is the only one I've had to make multiple attempts at for time.
  5. I just gotta say, Tyger7, thank you for this guide. Amazing stuff.
  6. To Canadabug, I couldn't fit the list into a single msg over XBL, so am doing it here and sending you a msg on XBL to point you towards this post. I can help you with: Crackdown (maybe the races, or the stunts?) Kingdom of Keflings (banners) Gears of War 2 (co-op, I play on casual you on insane to get you the insane diff & co-op achs) Halo ODST (anything) CoD3 (though that one is a PITA to boost) I also have Fable 2, but not sure if there's anything I can help you with for that one. Lemme know if you can help me out with NHL. Thanks!
  7. Not even close. This game is a buggy as hell POS. So far twice I've been glitched to the point where I've had to redo missions, and even on "easy" missions are HARD. I love RSV, GRAW, and most of the Tom Clancy games, but this one is pure trash. There are moments when it gets decent, then you watch your AI buddies charge into gunfire, or ignore your orders, or start shooting at walls, or watch as enemies walk past them and gun you down, etc, etc. Avoid, even if you could get it for free.
  8. You guys are making it harder than it needs to be: do quick play, pick a girl (I used Marion) as the character, skip all cutscenes, then at the start of the level just keep jumping to the far end and break the 2 magnetic boxes. Saves tons of time as you skip all the spears, explosives, etc.
  9. I turned on the ex that causes your combo to last so long as you don't die, along with unlimited climax, unlimited rockets, and then just spammed them both. Ended up at around 2.9M IIRC, though my play time grade was a D.
  10. What do you need to do to get the Auto-Gun ex option?
  11. Honestly I use the shotgun & super shotgun for 90+% of the enemies.
  12. If you're having trouble with ammo, then try and get enemies to attack each other to save bullets. Honestly there's more than enough ammo in the game, almost every level I finish with full ammo, and I'm more than halfway through the game (on level 18 I think).
  13. Yes it is extremely laggy. Yes that is rediculous given the price and age of the game. As for hosting vs joining, I dunno. So far I have yet to find a game to join. The online for this one is totally dead, 2 weeks after release.
  14. I would be very surprised to see updated visuals, as A) it'd be A LOT of work to do, and B) would alienate the old school DOOMer crowd.
  15. I voted other: Quake 3 Arena, which has been rumoured for almost as long as DOOM 2 has. Commander Keen would be sweet though, esp if they updated the visuals.
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