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    nOOb difficulty gamer has learning disability s but owns over 200games mostly play single player
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    killing gunners and synthetic humans
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  1. I really hate not having private servers
  2. I don't know why this bothers me but it does and I support your petition
  3. Everything I try to load the game it just won't load Every other game is OK and starts fine, I have two xbox1 consoles so I set up the other console and it worked fine example And fallout started , however I then had to do the update and Boom fallout won't start, Now I am a little worried So I have both the GOD version and the disc version but neither load I had reset the console , cleared the data and still nothing works On my friends list it states 5 friends are playing fallout 4 But what can I do I will also wait for my gf To return home and see if she can log in on her profile and start the game , she has never played fallout 4 before , Maybe it's a saved game corrupted or something because I can't think of any other reason it won't start.
  4. How many do you have to do, And can you still Finnish the dlc siding with the towns people without doing the blue room puzzle I know you need to do it if you want the cheevo
  5. Today I have a weird problem, When I'm playing a game and need to return to the dashboard it just keeps staying on the game and won't return to the dashboard , then I get a error message and I can't start a different game
  6. I have all 3 levels of there Robotics perk unlocked And have been hacking robots like there is no tomorrow Just aim your gun at any robot and hack it But now.... When you aim your gun at a robot there is no press x to hack anymore It only shows when your standing right next to it
  7. Is the dlc glitches or am I making a mistake, I have red VS blue and all the sirens etc in place, But the settlers just stand on the red and blue area and just look at each other
  8. Very strange but my only real gripe is you can't switch of the bodywork damage to the car like in horizon , you can turn off damage but not the damage you can see such as broken windows or paintwork damage , dunno why but I like my car to look at the end of the race ,the same as at the start
  9. I wish that you could kill your companions when they turn hostile, I killed a guy and Curie spent 22mins in real time chasing me, When I was finally allowed to fast travel she fast travelled with me. Also my only other problem in this great game is sometimes my HP bar just Gets removed from the screen , not a real problem but annoying all the same I wish you could get married just like in skyrim
  10. One problem is have is after wearing power armor I can't get my HP bar to show up on the screen on the Left side , it shows when I'm in battle or taking damage Then just disappeared when ever I'm moving around I checked the option so to make sure I'm not making a mistake But I need that health bar on screen Plus I can't see my health or rads when I I'm the glowing sea area
  11. Thanks , im still playing and hitting quicksave a lot Also what happend to the so called MODS we were going to get They sounded so cool to have
  12. I really don't want to bitch because fallout 3 is one of the best games I've ever played, BUT, I really hate the levelled enemy characters I love to explore the open world but i can't because i keep running into some super powered high levelled super mutant or one of those flying things Heather Mason (my character) is level 14 now and still those high enemys are battering me So many times i have cleared about 90% of a mission or building and the final enemy comes out and is much higher level and , boom im dead.....again I have about 8 quests started and not finnished because im too low a level to finish the last enemy , seriously im beginning to get so frustrated Now i just wait for NV to be backwards compatibility so i can finnish of the cheevos for that as im 100% on fallout 3
  13. Now i finally found my control system i only have a weird problem When i take screenshots from in game and go to game dvr there is no option to share to onedrive or anywhere , yet i can share screenshots from every other game including resi1 hd
  14. Every game i own plays properly , however Everytime i try and play LIFE IS STRANGE it just wont play I try deleting game and re downloading Then i try deleting the game saves from console and cloud The game still wont play , even when i use my sisters profile it just wont start Now im getting annoyed Could it be a problem with the company who made it or there servers Also , the licences and everything is ok because i was playing it earlier today
  15. Im sorry , even though I love this game and i now understand the endings. I just can't bring myself to like Chloe. I just really hate her I also hate what happens to Nathan , no redemption no nothing
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