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  1. A much easier place to get "Forced" is in chapter 6-3 when you have to travel around the room leashing the central column to shut down the barriers. Simply kick a burnout into one of those barriers.
  2. Thanks... I found that thread but must have missed that step for some reason! Wow, I feel stupid now. Can a mod delete this thread?
  3. I enabled My360Achievements for a game, didn't like it, wanted to remove it. But now it won't leave the "My Achievements" tab in my profile, even when I disabled My360Achievements.
  4. @shulamm: Thank you so so much! I had to drive sideways along the wall for it to appear.
  5. How do you activate 35? I did 34 but the other one won't show up.
  6. Prototype - but I was stuck at 950/1000 with one landmark missing for almost a year!
  7. I saved at my crib, then went straight from there to the final "mission", Martyrs and Saints, so I was surprised when I didn't get to save after the credits. I read on another thread that it asks you to save when you're going down the stairs to the yacht, but I never got that. I tried saving right before entering the mission circle, but of course it didn't work. So basically I'm forever stuck right before the final mission. Does anybody have any suggestions? Luckily I have a save from 3 days ago, but it's kind of a last resort.
  8. My best is $324,480. It's all about the semis!
  9. Here's how I did it: Get a helicopter, land on the Time Warner Center (in northeast Purgatory) and spawn a car (I used a Comet because it's the lightest). Position the car on one of the sharp corners and slowly drive forward while edging very slowly off the side. With luck the car will hit the ledge on the way down for extra spin. You will probably have to do this a few times.
  10. Packie McReary - he's so friendly, and seems almost like he could be Niko's brother. I like getting drunk with him.
  11. From what I hear, the sequel is much better. I just love this one, and I can't wait to play the second!
  12. Neat idea. If you start a Mayhem activity first with infinite RPGs, you can keep blowing it up forever!
  13. So that's the trick! I've been having so much trouble with Mayhem - I didn't know some levels give you infinite RPGs. Can't wait to try this later!
  14. Thanks for the tip - will def have to try it out this week.
  15. Hmm.. I was having the same problem, but for some reason it stopped when I finished the last story mission.
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