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  1. I just picked it up and will probably give it a go soon since my wife is a big country dance fan. So is it difficult to get towards the 500k range on songs? For example is it equivalent to medium or hard on Dance Central?
  2. I finished the first 2 worlds and am now working on the scarab. However when dealing with the undercity I got into a fight with one of the NPCs and now her subquest has an "X" by it, not a finished check. Anyone else do this? Does it make the subquest achievement for the scarab world unobtainable? The damn game auto saved right after finishing the fight so I cant go back. yeah, my bad for not having an independant backup.
  3. Yes, several people. I haven't found a way around it yet. I'm not willing to erase the save and try it all again just to get screwed again. This game is horrible for that. I have 3 glitched achievements so far.
  4. Update: played 13 games now.. all solo, on my profile, short, easy quiz mode. Scored over 2000+ points on at least 5 with a sage ranking.... no achievement. Can anyone who has gotten it comment? Thanks Update: Got the achievement to pop after clearing the cache and deleting my save file, basically starting fresh.
  5. Same issue here with the 5 in a row Solo... I got the easy and hard, but am at like 9 or 10 games solo now and still no pop.
  6. Does it matter if you give one of the statuette's to the guy back in Castle Black who gave you the quest? Does the statuette still count as being in your inventory? Also I picked up the "Smith" while in the beginning of chapter 8, the blacksmith in Riverspring still has it at that point.
  7. I had this problem for all the endings that weren't full playthroughs including Hardcore. When I finally got it to pop (thank god) after 7-8 tries here is what I did. 1) started from the boss directly (no need to go back through the forest) 2) cleared the cache prior to starting the game 3) Deleted ALL save files pertaining to that character I wanted the ending for. 4) answered all of the questions before P1 made their choice (I think this is the key actually) 5) and just for reference i did not have the game saved on the hard drive. If anyone is having this issue try these steps... worked for me.
  8. I'm looking for some help with the endgame achievements. I have a Hardcore save at the Dapper Gent and I just cant seem to get by. I also need Katrina & the mages endings. I have all the other achievements and can help trade, I just want to be done with this game. Send me a message if your interested. gt: Sundowner1
  9. They have some foreign event listed now but when I click on "join" it asks me to confirm and then does nothing.
  10. I had the same problem. It worked itself out for me over a day or two. Either the website needs time to link up or perhaps it waits until the next time you play the game online. For me it listed both friends that have the game and those that didn't.
  11. Just went through this today. Sadly I think you are stuck (hope I'm wrong if anyone has found a way to go back). I had a few saves across my game but all the ones from the East Forest endgame area didn't work... I couldn't find a way back to the chapterhouse. I ended up going back to a lvl 19 save before the daper gent to get to the stonebridge chapterhouse and thats where I found the quest giver for the DLC. Fun DLC and you lvl up like crazy in it (went from 19 to 31 in like 2 hours) but I think they could've made it easier to access.
  12. I've also come across this glitch. I've completed Hardcore 5 times now with Lucas and can't get the Hardcore or the Lucas completed achievements. If anyone finds something that helps unlock them please let me know. Here is what we have tried. - Cleared system cache with both players - Turned xbox's off and on again - Joined game through multiplayer menus - Joined game thru player invite - Tried both Lucas and Anjali (which I already had her endgame achievement) - 2 person co-op and 4 person co-op (others got the hardcore but not me) Damn you developers!
  13. Looking for someone to help with the co-op achievements. I have the 100% finished game with Anjali, lvl 19 +boss saves, etc. Would love it if someone could help with a hardcore save at the end of the game. Send me a message, thx.
  14. I'd like to help with the 4 player co-op as well. Just let me know when. GT: Sundowner1
  15. Thanks for the suggestions Neverendr. I've tried all of your tips step by step in the previous post (see above), plus an update wipe of the system and here is what I've learned: The ROAWZ DLC content can ONLY be used in a brand new game. Apparently it nulls the DLC if you are starting a new game plus because you've already ticked an internal marker telling it not to redistribute the DLC items, EP, etc. If I start a second brand new game the DLC items I purchased pop up immediately again so they are being registered by the game. My recommendation would be to either start a new game on extra mode (if you have the ROAW end save file) and buy the DLC or if not play through normal mode first, start the new game plus and then buy the DLC so the items, etc pop in your new game plus. I haven't bought any new DLC to test this (could someone confirm if they have) but I played on normal for 4-5 hours before buying the DLC the first time and it just popped the next time I loaded my game so it should work. Kinda sucks but oh well, I still enjoy the game. Time to hunt some titles.
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