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  1. I am a bit confused. When I make a spell, I had believed I was using just one "catalyst" per spell craft. You can use more (such as 28 and 62 respectively)? Sorry if this sounds confusing. edit: NVM I goofed. I see what you're talking about now.
  2. I'm not at Ch. 3 yet, but I have a question. When you're using the PMP, is it visible at all (wired earbuds, headset, etc)?
  3. Oh that'll be neato then. Hopefully it at least doubles it. Three is just too few!
  4. It might be presumptuous, but you're probably more prepared and levelled for later enemies than they are.
  5. I'm unfamiliar with the skill tree; could you clarify if you're talking about using the skill tree to increase the spell charges, or the amount of flasks you have? TBH I'm more concerned with the amount of charges. I know there's a "history" feature, but I'd hate to have to constantly be crafting spells. edit: changed "I'm not concerned" to "I'm more concerned", oops
  6. Look at this filthy double-poster up here.
  7. Been playing for just a couple days and had a question about magic. Can each flask only hold three spell charges? Or is there a way to get more charges if you lessen the potency? Searched for "spell charges" and "spell quantity" and pulled up no results.
  8. Mutha'fuckin' daedric dog armor. I'll pay $3 bucks for that shit. You gonna looks sooo good, Dogmeat.
  9. I have my Xbox set to instant-on with the condition of not auto-installing updates.
  10. Because I don't think there's much practicality in making 300k nades unless it's for exploitation reasons.
  11. So yeah. Infinite XP, ammunition, building materials and other exploits to increase your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats even further. Infinite XP/Material Basic premise is this: [ame] [/ame] Similar method of duplication present in Dragon Age I and II. In the thread linked in the video description, it's noted that you can get ~15xp (more w/ high Int or Idiot Savant perks) by mass-producing Molotov Cocktails. The traditional item to mass-produce is sign decorations (6xp a pop?), relying on a duplicative source of steel shipments. Another method is using settlements to amass ingredients needed for Vegetable Adhesive(sp?) which also nets a good amount of XP and can be crafted in rather large amounts and doesn't call for any glitches/exploits, though the prep time might be more than one would like. Infinite Ammo Requires Spectacle Island (but may be possible elsewhere). [ame] [/ame] Infinite Perception, bonus other S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats The actual method is in text-form so I'll just direct you to the actual source. ps: With unlimited perception, who needs MacCready's perk anyway?
  12. You should be more specific in your OP. That sort of save is called an auto-save and is what is used to save-scum in FO4. "Each time the area is loaded" is just too vague and doesn't really specify what at all you're referring to.
  13. I'd have no problem overwriting if the save dialog box didn't lag itself to hell nearly everytime it presented itself. I'm often times waiting 4-5 seconds for the dialog to finish loading so it's better to just spam the [New Save]. I spend enough time in the save/load screen as it is, no reason to overstay my welcome.
  14. Having a 95% probability of getting a headshot is something far more different than being able to one-hit kill everything. I don't think it's a pretty good analogy. As for people who thinks it's too boring or gamebreaking, you're free to aim for other limbs instead.
  15. Companion perks are permanent passive buffs.
  16. Only drawback is that it can't be modified as much as normal 10mm pistols.
  17. It's currently glitched and doesn't do what its tooltip suggests it does. Instead of an added 20% hit chance for headshots in V.A.T.S., it guarantees a 95% hit chance. Killing raiders with pistols from 500+ feet away is hilarious.
  18. Do you have all of these weapons? Because some of your descriptions for them are way off. For example, there is no element of chance in Ashmaker's fire damage proccing -- it's a guarantee in setting enemies on fire for 15 points of elemental damage. You say there's nothing special about the Deliverer yet it costs 25% less AP and has a higher V.A.T.S. hit chance.
  19. euuh.. I think you dropped this. That's honestly a non-issue with difficulty affecting literally nothing else other than the rate at which legendary enemies spawn (which is pretty high even on "very easy"). Just play on a lesser difficulty for a bit. You're also exaggerating how long it takes to gain 10 levels. I gained 5 just from two hours of settlement building -- would've gained more if I didn't have to go on 15-minute scavenging outings. I think the issue of why there isn't a respec option has already been made clear: how would it be paid for, if not with caps? Cap exploits have been found not even a week after release -- what good would a respec be if it could just be used on-the-fly and whimsically because you've not a care financially? This has been the gist of it with most, if not all Elder Scrolls/Fallout games. I don't see a compelling reason for it to change with Fallout 4 outside of meandering convenient fancies of "I wish this was in the game". As for your comments about this topic in general, fuck yeah it's for discussion. Yet in your previous reply you pretty much insulted everyone who voted "No" with your "seems you're not the only one having trouble wrapping your head around a very simple problem" hogwash. All those veiled insults and name-calling because someone dared insinuate you didn't plan out your build? Seems pretty douchy, man.
  20. I think he's talking about his "strategy" in lockpicking. First you try the initial direction the lockpin is in (top). Then you slowly go down one side, testing it as you do. If you come up dry, you go to the other "half" and do the same. It's just a matter of dividing and conquering?
  21. From what I've read around, I believe you do. Damn. http://i.imgur.com/WYp7o0M.gif
  22. http://www.infobarrel.com/media/image/136875.jpg
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