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  1. i was confused at first, kept thinking i was on the wrong website haha, looking good. cant wait to see the part 2 stuff
  2. And we can fish almost everywhere while we listen to it.
  3. Definitely the worst year for games with gold imo
  4. Damn lol, this year has been pretty terrible overall for me personally
  5. Join us for GSL 2020 Duos! Link

  6. I feel like calling it series x is a terrible name. I feel like it's going to confuse people just like wii and wii u did. I mean obviously people like us know the difference but I feel a good bulk of people wouldn't know the difference between xbox one x and xbox series x. People thought wiiu was just a wii add on, As for the controller I'm just going to sell it and stick with my elite controller As for looks I don't really care
  7. Just castlevania for me. Don't know what torchlight is so il have a look at that too. Already had gears 4 and I don't care for forza
  8. On top of that Ea access is limited to ea games where as game pass has a massive selection. Ea access may be cheap but it all adds up when you have multiple subscriptions Xbl gold Game pass Ea access Ubisoft is gonna do a service Square Enix is thinking about it too Maybe you own multiple consoles or have other services outside of gaming.
  9. That's lame. Was hoping that the dino crisis reboot and re3 remake rumors were true
  10. So has capcom done anything? Where are they? Haven't heard a peep from them
  11. Installing infinite undiscovery now via disk Star ocean is also available via disk
  12. That's a shame but at same time fuck yes atleast they did infinite undiscovery and star ocean before ending it.
  13. Oh wow that's awesome thanks for the heads up
  14. 3 years for 1$? How you manage that?
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