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  1. i just dont like that there's no option to adjust the HUD edges; gotta mess with my TV settings every time i play just to see whats in the corners
  2. im a huge fan of rainbow six games, and although im kinda disappointed in no campaign i definitely want to pick this up at some point. had way too much fun playing the beta the past few days with some friends. no way am i buying it day one though, with the server problems present in the beta just days before launch i think im gonna wait a little bit.
  3. im holding off on it too, i have a feeling there will be a price cut around the holidays so im just gonna wait til then
  4. pause and go to settings while in a duel, there's an option to change that pop-up. you can either remove it completely (and you have to manually activate traps, but that also means if your not paying attention your mirror force will not activate), or put it on auto mode where the game only asks you to activate it when its smart to, and not just any time. i leave mine on auto
  5. i know bones is in the duelist kingdom yu-gi-oh dlc that's out right now, saw him in a youtube video. not sure about the others. HOWEVER, I did get a seal of orichalcos card today from the Yugi card pack, along with an orichalcos monster, and got me thinking how awesome it would be to have that series playable for once. that was my favorite story line out of all the original episodes right behind battle city.
  6. picked this game up, haven't watched yu-gi-oh since GX ended but ive played the first 360 game (which had some 5Ds stuff in it) and skipped the 2nd. anyone notice how there's 4 DLCs already to expand the campaign? saw them on the dashboard, what do they even include? i know it says some extra decks and campaign duels but im curious as to what exactly
  7. it scared the hell out of me, was in the middle of traveling to a main story mission and i went to grapple onto a roof and it jumped out.
  8. yea, i did the same thing. want the grey/yellow scheme back but i guess i cant
  9. im really excited for this. wasn't a fan of the new direction tony hawk games were going in (project 8 was the last one i really played), but the HD remake was awesome i 100%'d it. hopefully it plays like THPS4 where it's open world, but at the same time it's not because there's multiple levels and not one seamless world.
  10. said the same for me, had to go to the store within Evolve itself for it to download for free.
  11. are the maps included in a game update? cause i dont see them in the store, just the behemoth and new hunters
  12. the majority of the achievements are tied to mission progress or character progress, so they should transfer over at the very least. i mean, if GTA Online can transfer over all your achievements when you migrate over your character (including the ones for doing random tasks such as calling in reinforcements or killing a mugger), i dont see why this game cant too.
  13. since we're able to transfer over our characters, i really hope unlocked achievements transfer over too. cause if not, what's the point of transferring your character over? you'd miss the majority of the achievements and have to start all over again.
  14. this. if you play evacuation with the AI controlling the monster, the goliath is much harder to kill than the kraken. the AI just spams every melee attack on you as the goliath it's ridiculous.
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