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  1. Is that so? I got a PS4 a while back and am considering trading it in to return to the 360, and I'd love to come back and play this gem.
  2. Creasy47

    beta key

    I don't even remember signing up for this, but seeing as I don't even have an Xbox One, here's a free code: 26886-NR6PJ-T4PX7-5XN84-RUJ8X
  3. Six updates in and I still have so many issues to complain about. I still don't understand how a company could fuck up a game so bad, and then fuck it up even more with updates. Blows my goddamn mind.
  4. I don't think size is an issue, I just think the maps are big with lots of areas that nobody visits, and the areas that a lot of us are curious about are ones we can't enter. They shouldn't have made such large maps with so much emptiness.
  5. "Sorry we broke the game, here's a lot of unlocks and battlepacks to apologize." Worthless.
  6. This game is so broken, I could write a novel on the problems it has. I'm still experiencing issues where I unload on someone, they kill me in one shot (something they 'patched' months ago), then they have 0 health...what the fuck is this? I'm also now having issues where I just take damage because. Nobody's around, no grenades, nobody shoots me, nothing, I just lose 30 - 40 health. Fantastic game, this one.
  7. It really does make the game worse and worse with each and every update. Now Dawnbreaker freezes for me every single time I played it, even though a previous update fixed it entirely, and I'm also hearing a constant knifing sound from time to time that really fucks me up. I'll be nowhere near anyone and I hear it like it's right behind me.
  8. Peeling a corner and I know a guy is coming. He's sprinting at me, I unload and connect maybe six to eight shots. He brings up his M416 and instantly drops me. His health? 0. This has happened so much lately. I KNOW I'm killing these guys, yet it's as if they're invincible and I can't do anything about it. They WILL kill me. Nice to know this game is still fucking broken. Worthless trash. I still stand behind the choice that I'll never buy a DICE game brand new/full price after this monstrosity.
  9. I think when I make the next-gen switch, I'm going with the PS4. It just seems better to me. I've scanned the Internet countless times in help with making a decision.
  10. Is this game ANY better on next-gen consoles, does anyone know? I can't stand the freezing and I'll be switching to the PS4 here in the next few months, I think.
  11. I couldn't possibly agree more with this.
  12. Yeah, that pisses me off, especially when I have something urgent I have to attend to.
  13. Yep, game crashes all the time for me still. Fucking trash.
  14. It's definitely the easiest. The games lack the incredible difficulty these days that CoD2, 3, 4, and WAW managed to offer. Now they're all cakewalks.
  15. 16-2 on Conquest on Flood Zone and my game freezes. Whew. THE most broken game I've ever played in my life. It's like they went out of their way to make it this terrible. So I shut the game off, turn it back on, load it all up, wait for a friend to join a match, and when I click to join, game freezes again. It just abso-fucking-lutely blows my mind. EDIT: Had my breaking point tonight. I just can't stand it: incompetent teammates that you just cannot rely on, mixed in with TOO many goddamn instances where I unload on someone, I just can't hit them anymore (hit detection error, because I'm aimed and firing right at them) and I get no more hit markers, and they kill me and they have 1 health left. The game is broken. There's no fix for it at this time and skill is totally irrelevant in this case. I'm just going to focus on other games and other shit for a while, give this game a hearty break for some time. Sadly, I'm sure I'll cave and play it again ASAP, but for now, I'm steering clear from it.
  16. That's why I've grown tired of Rush and warmed up to Conquest. The matches are too quick and it's the same bullshit every time, just like you said. It killed it for me but I'm enjoying myself a lot more on Conquest, which I never thought I would say.
  17. Yeah, as much as I complain, I've really raised a lot of my stats. I'm Top 1% now for K/D, I believe, which feels good, and I'm really raising my W/L ratio now that I'm playing Conquest and am getting paired with more competent players.
  18. I love playing a Medic and reviving. I do wish that you got 100 XP for each revive so you didn't have to charge the defibs every time, but I just do it to help the team. The problem with reviving in this game isn't the points, I don't think, it's the fact that DICE allows Assault players to use tons of grenade launchers and shit in place of the defibs, so nobody wants to help the team out now. They just want something that makes a pretty explosion and gets kills.
  19. I'm just looking to beat Extinction with three others for the 'Escape With All Four' achievement. I'm either rank 27 or 28, but either way, I have armor piercing rounds, automatic turrets, etc. Message me if you have a group and need someone else who knows the layout, weapon locations, etc. I'm competent. GT: Creasy47
  20. I had instances all night last night (I think the game just gets worse during the evening/night) where I'd unload on someone, my shots stop connecting, and then he kills me instantly and has 1 Health left. EDIT: This game freezes 100% of the time for me when I'm playing Dawnbreaker. Sometimes it's immediate, other times I get to the end and it freezes.
  21. I just beat the game on Veteran yesterday. I thought it was really easy in comparison to the other games, though there was maybe one spot I had a tough time on, and that was atop the train at the end. Other than that, I thought the SP was terrible. Uninspiring, stole some set pieces from movies and I felt that the majority of the game was go here, do this, and escape from the exploding locale in the nick of time. It got really repetitive.
  22. If I could, I would! I don't know anyone that has it and no stores in town have a demo version of it, just one locked behind glass that you can stare at. I'm returning to college in a week and a half, maybe I'll have some luck there finding someone who has it so I can give it a spin.

  23. I love how this game is such a piece of shit that every time it freezes, it tells me I have corrupted save data, forcing me to dashboard and delete my cache or alter my brightness, controls, options etc. every single time I load the game. Such a mess. This game really is unsalvageable. It's been two months and the game gets worse and worse with every new update. They really fucked themselves with this one.
  24. There is no possible way that BF4 is more broken on the XB1, especially with the trainwreck state it's in on the 360, haha. As for next-gen, my girlfriend said if I ask for nothing until my birthday in May, she'll get me a next-gen console, and I'm thinking of going the PS4 route. I hate that I lost my last profile and I would lose this new one again after all the hard work I put into it, but after hearing some of the XB1 complaints (clunkiness, UI isn't that great, the achievements are different, lacks many key 360 features, etc.) and not being impressed with how the achievements are looking on most of the launch titles, I just might go the PS4 route.

  25. I managed to beat Extinction and escape in over 1:30 by myself tonight, didn't even have Armor-Piercing Ammo or the Death Machine unlocked as some have recommended. Ranking up the automatic turrets is a must, and making sure you have $6,000 (or around that) when escaping after setting off the nuke is a must so you can set two turrets down. Made it to the first barrier, set two down, took off, made it to the second, threw a flare, and managed to set another two turrets down, then when the second barrier was cleared, I picked one up, took off, set it down (facing the chopper so it could protect me), then I turned so I could run backwards and threw all my semtex grenades and made it there around 1:45 or 1:50.
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