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  1. Gave it a 5/10. It might be because I'm not familiar with this game type, but I find it actually hard. After a dozen of attemps, I hardly worked my way to 20,000 points…
  2. Got the exact same problem there. Pretty disappointed.
  3. For the second time, I had to reinstall the game in order to get achievements being stuck… but the achievements for reaching new island seems unobtainable unless you make everything again from the start. It totally sucks.
  4. Hi everyone; For some reasons, the game isn't unlocking achievements anymore. I've got a bunch of them until I unlocked the 4th Island (Isla Tacaño). The island achievement to unlock the island didn't even pop. Then I released my first T-rex and nothing. I take a picture of it eating a goat, nothing either. I unlocked achievements in another game in the meantime, so it's not an issue with my profile or anything. Tried to restart the game, didn't do anything. Any hint? Thanks. Edit: Crap, I found this to be discussed in the achievement discussion thread, silly me. But it didn't help though.
  5. I'm missing one chapter achievement. The "Chapter III Completed" has not unlock to me. Don't know if it has happened to others. I'll try to re-do the chapter to see if it unlock this time. Edit: unlocked after re-doing the end of chapter 3.
  6. You can do everything in solo custom games or campaign, using the cheat codes, so it's quick, even though some will need a bit of grind (Wololo). You can also create custom maps with special needs (alpha lions, temples, wild animals, specific units).
  7. You can do everything in solo custom games or campaign, using the cheat codes, so it's fairly easy. You can also create custom maps with special needs (alpha lions, temples, wild animals, specific units).
  8. Sacred Land is still a trouble for number of people. Let's get this done before the Ubisoft server close (someday..) https://www.xboxachievements.com/game/assassins-creed-4-black-flag-xbox-one/showSession-7694
  9. Well, I usually love this kind of games, but I has strictly zero fun playing this one. I really didn't care about the story or its characters, and got frustrated by the amount of death caused by the gameplay and the controls.
  10. Hi, thanks for the tip. Yeah, just playing guitar is cool and IMO Rocksmith is a cool tool to repeat and improve skills (Learning to, but I feel way more comfortable by just reading a good old tab). But the point is that there are many achievements done with mini-games, that are the really hard part, and can't be tricked with guitar pro. But still, that's a nice idea. Maybe you could add some links to the stuff you talk about.
  11. Thanks for this. Add my GT (Armelide) if you wanna do the Diamond one. After a bit of testing here’s a few things to know about this server: Inception achievement miss the two levers needed. You have everything needed to craft them though, but it's not provided directly. The Haggler achievement is missing (or I couldn't find it after running around for a long time). Didn't find anything to get Overkill, though there are strength potions and enchanted diamond Swords. Maybe I did something wrong? Couldn't make Delicious Fish. The fish stick is given, but there's a hole without water. You can find water, but still, it's not provided. Not hard to get legit in game, thankfully. Couldn't make Iron Belly; for some reason, even I wasn't on peaceful, I wasn't losing food... I'll try again in the harderst difficulty. Though, it's not the hardest achievement to get "legit" Zombie Doctor is really hard to get, because spawning a Zombie Villager is not easy. I ran out of zombie eggs. Still a great world! Edit: Fishing seems to be glitched in the game. Achievement is not unlocking. As for starving, the food-meter thing seems not to go down. Some said that the two were fixed, but I'm trying in the very last version and still Nothing…
  12. Yes, you need to re-check everything back…
  13. Still nothing for me, even with Firefox; but it seems it's not on every game. In fact I just saw this on Minecraft Xbox One and Minecraft Windows 10… I tried with a few other games and it seems to work. I just tried to remove the games from my checklist and add them back, and it seems to work fine now. Strange bug anyway. Thanks!
  14. It don't seem to work anymore… If i check a checkbox, the valid sign appear, but the change isn't registered. If i come back to the page, it's still unchecked. And the number of achievements unlocked don't change either. Tested on Chrome and Edge, even after logout and login again.
  15. Only for Windows 10 Mobile. It has the same Xbox app than Desktop.
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