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  1. Wow, this is unexpected! I liked the look of the old forum, but this is a lot more modern. Glad to see this finally get released.
  2. I'm working on finishing Batman: Arkham Knight. Just a dozen DLC achievements left, but I'm not good enough for the full completion. I liked the story, it's just a little annoying to deal with the tank sometimes. I can't get enough of Mark Hamill as the Joker. Also working on The Division 2. Finished the main story a few days ago, now working through the alternate version of the same missions. Definitely not a game for me. I always play alone and it feels pretty stacked against you that way. Hoping to get the full completion, but the raids will likely keep that from me.
  3. I think that has to happen. They've already said November, and that only leaves two months for pre-orders. I'm almost positive they're just playing chicken with Sony so they can cut the price just under the PS5. One of the latest rumors, of many, is that the PS5 will go up for pre-order on September 9th. That's the exact date of the 25th anniversary of PS1 they've been pushing so much. It makes the most sense, of course nothing this year has gone as planned.
  4. Gamerscore earned in 2018: 992 Achievements for 29,197 G Best month: December, 4,927 from 155 achievements Worst month: November, 1,015 from 21 achievements Completions: 30 Proudest completion: Battlefield 3 (Spent years with 1 left and finally got it done.) Most enjoyable completion: Tales from the Borderlands - Great humor and an interesting story. Worst completion: Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan - Found out I'm bored to death of the point-and-click genre.
  5. I was actually looking forward to this since I had forgot what my goals were for the year. 195k Fail - 5k short. Finish AC Series Complete - Not exactly, but it's down to Origin and Odyssey now. Get better at Rocket League Success - Improved from a Bronze 3 to a Gold 1 player. Platinum in Rumble. More active in gaming communities Complete - Joined several of the events here and TA. Still not as involved as I had hoped. New Goals for the year: Complete more of my started games. - I like to have 4 or less "in progress" titles at a time and I'm currently at 15. 215k gamerscore - More realistic with my new job. Wait for more 50% off sales
  6. You might not be, but crazy Larry is! https://youtu.be/LMQ64hIKXds It looks like it starts on the 18th.
  7. I just got back into this tonight to work on all the weapon assignments. If there's a group playing and you don't mind having a maniac with a shotgun running across open fields, send an invite. I don't have a mic though.
  8. I had a great time tonight. Apparently I play this way too much.
  9. I hate to bump an old thread after all these years, but thank you so much for the guide. I attempted the first chapter on my own before finding this and missed a couple things. Since you labeled each item and whether it was the first, second, or third version it was easy to skip to the exact spot I needed. It felt painfully long following through the whole game, but it must have taken an eternity to write this with so much detail. Fantastic job!
  10. I have no problem helping you out with the trading achievement. Just message me if you see me on. We can swap junk, or swap slightly better junk then trade back.
  11. Could there be some kind of catch-all club for the Xbox exclusives that don't have their own club? Gears could be one tier, Forza could be another. Have some kind of genre or theme for the rest. I know Forza and Gears are represented in other places, but they're always with other games that are a completely different genre or drastically different experiences that may not interest someone. I've been hoping for a Forza club for years and the racing game club was likely the nail in the coffin on that hope.
  12. I'm just going to bow out of this competition. With all the achievement unlocking issues going on, and coming down with the flu over the weekend I'm better off resting. Best of luck to the rest of you! P.S. This means I guarantee last place, as predicted. LOL
  13. I can't hurt anyone but myself by doing badly in this one. I'll finally give one of these events a try. Last place here I come.
  14. Don't get too excited for announcements. With all the backlash they got for cancelling Scalebound, and the disappointment with Phantom Dust, Phil Spencer said they learned their lesson of announcing things too early. Something Halo and Forza Horizon 4 are the only games I think we can nail down as guaranteed announcements. I hope they have some new IP's in development, but I don't expect to see anything about them soon. Right now they seem to be focusing on acquiring indie titles as console exclusives instead of having their own new franchises. I'd love to see the talent at Remedy do another single player story, or Alan Wake 2, but they take FOREVER to release games.
  15. I received my Master Chief Collection award, so thank you for sorting that out. The issue is now I have 2 of them on my profile. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to keep both, but I doubt that's allowed.
  16. All of the above listed Achievements seem to be fixed in a past update. However, back in December the Beam Me Up Achievement was broken after another update. The preview program beta version of the 1.2.10 update had a working fix that didn't make it into the final release. So now it's completely unobtainable until they release a new patch.
  17. Gamerscore earned this year: 1,385 achievements in 44 games for a total of 33,270:1gs: Best Month: June - 170 achievements won for 5,785 in 17 games Worst Month: September - 43 achievements won for 1,055:1gs: in 3 games # of completions earned this year: 32 (But I count 28) First completion of the year: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (X1) Last completion of the year: The Turing Test Proudest Completion: Halo The Master Chief Collection (Not even a contest there) 3,000 short of my best year ever. I ended up with a 2.43 ratio for the year so I'm happy with that. I prefer to play what I enjoy rather than anything simple just for a gamerscore boost. Good thing I enjoy Telltale then.
  18. Pokenut

    Win Streaks

    I'm currently on my best streak of 702 days with 2,731 Achievements. Like BiggD said, I've been taking much longer on some games that could have been done in far less time. Telltale tends to be my ideal emergency streak saver so playing one chapter then stopping for 3 weeks kills any sense of the story. It's something I really want to stop doing. The main reason I've been able to keep it going is the time frame I tend to play at. A few hours before midnight gives me time to save the streak or set something up for the next day. And I have a little time after midnight to count for the next day to not even worry about it. I'm very close to the 2 year mark and it's getting tiring to keep going. I have no idea how someone could make it 8 years without ending up sick of Achievement hunting.
  19. I'm not sure if this is the right place, or if there's even a problem. Back in October/November I signed up for Tier 3 of the XBA Master Chief Collection club. I was added to the list, but never received an award. I don't want to sound impatient, just making sure it wasn't accidentally missed. Thanks!
  20. I thought I participated in this last year, but it ended up being 2015. I hit 150k last year. I'm down to 2 or 3 titles on 360. Forza and Halo are back to being nearly complete. Assassin's Creed is still out of control, but being tackled soon. New Goals: 195K gamerscore: Started the year just over 161k. I've never earned more than 36k in a year so this is a slight push to have my best scoring year ever. Finish the AC series: I need to do Ezio Collection, Syndicate, Chronicles Russia, Chronicles India and Origins. No WP or PC titles since I don't own the device. Get better at Rocket League: I'm bad, yet I love it. Be more active in gaming communities: I really prefer to play alone most of the time, but I need to push for more discussion on forums. That's it. Good luck to everyone else on your goals!
  21. I might get Inside. I've been waiting for it to go on sale individually instead of the Limbo bundle. Maybe it's just me, but this one doesn't seem as good as past Christmas sales. Hopefully the daily deals will have some gems.
  22. I got the Seeker Elite Champion Achievement with one championship not having the check mark. Won the championship, but finished in second on one race.
  23. Gold members have early access now. The sale officially opens to all on the 21st, and it ends on the 27th. The dates for all the promotional stuff is scattered around here.
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