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  1. you had posted about a video for Forza Horizon 2, Bounty Hunter achievement, link works but says video is private. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdzZDLyCJ3w&feature=youtu.be

  2. I Mailny agree with you about the scenario mode but what do u mean about loading screens ?
  3. No you don't so I wouldn't waist time doing so you would be more beneficial doing online
  4. I just noticed your complaint about games, it used to be aus was pal consoles is this still the case?mif yes you can import from uk

  5. Hi, please send me a friend request for minecraft achievements? Need a few of the more difficult ones if possible? Cheers GT williamsjohn83


    Ps im from uk so usually on around 4pm gmt, also play xbox one and will be buying that version when released :)

  6. Contacted microfosoft went through all the procedures it was a one off thing and to clarify European servers are working it is the Australian and New Zealand severe that are stuffed I contacted them having got a response the other comment has it because he is in Germany which shouldn't be affected I love codemasetrs but this really gives me the cow hides
  7. yeah just got a refund for this dlc this is crap codies better bring out patches for this going to wait till one of you guys confirms it works
  8. Yes having the same issue contacted Xbox support and it may be to do with nat type I'll have a go and see if it works but as soon as I get it to work ill repost to let you know your not alone it's affecting quite a few
  9. Yeah servers Woukd be great sine I'm a you tuber and my helpers are all over the place if they could come on when they want it'd be great Youtube.com/AusMikAtoNiC
  10. You'll put it in the cloud then Download from the Xbox one
  11. In sure news will come soon but does any one understand it will I loose my 360 character if I transfer it across ?
  12. this is good but I'm not sure can someone explain if they know if we have a 360 version does this mean when we upgrade do we loose the chance to play it on 360 and the transferable saves are apparently meant to be transferred to the cloud does this mean my 360 wont have this same if someone knows that's great ?
  13. yeah the glitch still works man just do the same its also listed on the achievement list so you should have to much trouble
  14. its graphics are a bit crazy if u still want it it was a solid game no main issues so yeah id recommend it well sort of ....
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