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    I'm a long time gamer and I have a little problem with OCD, so I have to complete all my games LOL
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    Sports!(Football), RC stuff, Paintball, Xbox, internet, Anything a big kid would love haha
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  1. You have to have 6 total people, then you have to become a rival to the other 5 by crashing them. Their names will turn red on your screen once they are a rival. Once that is done just win the race and the achievement is yours.
  2. During the x20 xp event if everyone took turns and you completed 3 rounds on KOTH, I was getting 540K a match.
  3. Cool, glad it could help...if you need help with anything let me know:D
  4. This site really helped me out more than anything else: http://burnout.wikia.com/wiki/Signature_Takedowns_%28Burnout... Also, you don't have to take down the rivals in the exact spot that the game says. For example, on the Burger sign one I took the path to the left of the sign but to the right of the highway, I thought I missed out but there is a guard rail that runs to the right of the entire path near the end of it I finally got a takedown and it gave me the signatue takedown. Another example is on the Clock Tower, I got it by hitting a rival in the wall just to the left front of the tower opening, the spot was a little ways back (into the tower,but not in the short cut it's self) but it counted. Last example is for the bus station one I didn't even hit the rival while we were in the bus station, I hit them into the wall right at the entrance to the bus station(the wall that divided the highway from the bus station, right where it started..where it was a point)actually it was just a tiny bit past the entrance. Also, I found it best to get these in just a regular race rather than a Road Rage. The reason being is that with the race as long as you stay up with the pack they will always get right next to you (rubbin paint and etc) and they almost always will take short cuts which is where most of the signature takedowns are. Now for Road Rage I always had to spend most of my time trying to take them down to get more time and even though rivals would always appear no matter what I was doing they hardly ever would get near me(because I think they were trying to avoid conflict unlike in a race) and they hardly ever took the short cuts on tracks or at least when I wanted them to. Plus if you wrecked on of them they disappeared whereas on a race they would spawn right back with you and it gave you more of a chance to get the signature takedowns. I hope this helps a little and before you give this a negative review please send me a message with what you think the problem is...thanks so much everyone, happy achievement getting! PS. I made some videos to help with the locations and to give you some tips since after 5 years of being released nobody has made anything at all for them. I hope they help and if you need more info about any of them, just message me and I'll be glad to help! Part 1 [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTnvCdx_IgY]Should Be Autographs! PART 1 GUIDE for Burnout Revenge on XBOX 360[/ame] Part 2 [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApEHvQpoKPc]Should Be Autographs! PART 2 GUIDE for Burnout Revenge on XBOX 360[/ame]
  5. Here is a guide I made to help everyone. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUBroiJfQ6k]The Crushinator Achievement Guide for Burnout Revenge on the XBOX 360 - YouTube[/ame]
  6. Hey, I just started a boosting session for "Most Wanted" on another site for this sunday at 1600 central time. Message me if your interested.
  7. I'm looking for a partner to do the online cheevos with. Hit me up if interested. GT: ELITISM
  8. Hello, I am having some problems getting the sig. takedown "STRIKE!"...I've been using a Reverse on the track but I'm having a hard time getting any rivals even over to the bowling alley let alone even hit them near it. Any help like what rank and track type(ie insane, crashbreaker race forward) you used to get it on or how exactly you did it would be awesome. THANKS!!!
  9. Just 1k'd the game thanks! PS. I sent it back to gamefly
  10. That's total BS...We haven't even heard the dad's side or the girls...hell the horse isn't even signed up for this forum yet...I think before we jump to who wins we need to hear everyone's side first.
  11. Your totally right...what was I thinking. I'm better than this and I never should have gotten away from my roots. I will play you game and actually enjoy riding the horses. I will help the little girl save her farm, because if I don't who will I get my food and milk from I ask you. We all need to stand up get this game and HELP! For God's sake it's for the little girl people!!!! and the milk
  12. I am trying to do all 5 days offline from xbox liveby changing the date on my system. I am on day 12 of doing this and still no cheevo. Anyone else having problems or have an idea of what to do? UPDATE: After playing 12 days I took a break and started it back up on the same day. I started with it on xbox live and did the first day and then turned my xbox off and disconnected the internet and fired it back up and then I did the next 4 days offline and I finally got it. I guess it's a little glitchy.
  13. Thanks Deedee, gotta love those 490gs points:D
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