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  1. Well I think Trevor should get coty he is so well written and we will probably wont find out til the next video game awards or the end of the year. What your thoughts on this
  2. Ok sorry if this is a repeated question but are jewlery heists and bank robberies only mission based or as you progress through the game you can start doing these things.
  3. I completed the mission and I notice I didnt get any money do you have to get gold or do some missions that you dont get any cash reward
  4. I was just wonder are they all repeatable in case you missed one or wanted to do them with a different character.
  5. ok my challenge is complete 120 mins so why hasnt the achievement poped. anyone know how to fix this 60X2 is 120 mins gotta be bugged
  6. I sure most ppl would agree but dont you wish they had a superman and womrn outfit for thss game it would be perfect. Any other ideas
  7. Right now its gas mantake out 10 enemies using sleeping gas can you do in Single Player
  8. I have it and it doesnt come up should I start a new game
  9. ok I have all the items to make it including the diagram I have gone to every craftsman and when I ask them to craft a item the diagram for kayran skin armor doesnt show up like all there other ones and trust me I went to the rite ppl anyone have this problem and how to fix it. Thanks
  10. Acejunky

    Mountain Tam

    looking for delta bunker east
  11. Just heard something about a deadline that something had to be completed by April.anyone got the details. Thanks
  12. Thanks for the info. Xhunterrr
  13. I dont if its just me having this issue but I have some weapons and frags that I cant sell, breakdown, delete and trade they are in my inventory. When I veiw thrm but when I go to the supply area not all. Thr items show up to sell. Also they have no lvl if thst help with more info. Please help
  14. I just picked up the ultimate edition and noticed they give you only one code to redeem and its on the back of the instructions is this correct just want to make sure
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