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  1. That's correct. In Kingdom Hearts, he was the Platinum Match in the Coliseum as Ice Titan from the Hercules movie was the Gold Match. In Kingdom Hearts II, you can fight Sephiroth in Hollow Bastion after a lot of work. I can't remember what it is that you have to do to gain access to the fight though. In Kingdom Hearts you can fight him as often as you want but in Kingdom Hearts II it is one fight. Once you win, him and Cloud Strife get into their own cutscene and take off. Can't wait for the re-mastered copies of the game to be released. A friend of mine already pre-purchased a copy from a local game store for when it is released. I still have the original games for the Playstation 2 but don't have a Playstation 2 anymore. It was lent to my sister. --PrivateLeFeuvre--
  2. My dream car? Oh man. I've always had a thing for something that's hard to find. Something that makes you take a second look. A friend of mine that I work with actually has one and this is a picture of his 1993 Mazda RX-7 R1. Twin-Turbo 1.3L Rotary FD3S engine. Right-hand drive. Not the most reliable but a bullet for what it is. http://i40.tinypic.com/2znx01u.jpg I'm also a motorcycle enthusiast so I currently have a 1987 Yamaha FZ750, but my real dream would be to own a 2010 Ducati 1198S. I would want mine in white though, not black like the one below. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_rAsiSS06Zgg/TQCoz-_xBSI/AAAAAAAABas/eOmCQmkBtu0/s1600/2010-Ducati-1198Sd.jpg On an unrealistic note, if I had a choice of super car, I think I'd go for something in and around a 2012 Ferrari 458 Italia. Especially in white like below. What a machine. http://www.themotorreport.com.au/content/image/2/0/2012_ferrari_458_italia_road_test_review_03_1-1106.jpg --PrivateLeFeuvre--
  3. If you hire a driver to complete the event list do the races your driver completes count towards racing on that track? For example if I hire a driver and race on the Top Gear Test Track West Loop or whatever it is will I have to do it again or will my driver winning count? --PrivateLeFeuvre--
  4. Setting out on the Event List as I write this. 30% done so far. Going to be a long run. Looking to take out the championship races with the two heats first. Those are the most annoying. --PrivateLeFeuvre--
  5. Now what I find interesting, is that I hired a driver for a couple of races in the Event List and I did get experience. Now it wasn't a lot and it didn't show me how much I got but I happened to go up a Driver Level. Also if I hire a driver to drive a car I have next to no Affinity for, the Affinity level of such manufacturer goes up as well. So I'm not sure if the experience is cut in half too or not but you do get something for it. --PrivateLeFeuvre--
  6. Thanks for the offer but I've already got "Wheelin' 'n Dealin'". I had a friend help me out when he came online. --PrivateLeFeuvre--
  7. Good guide. It helped me a lot. Also an amazing game. Tons of fun to play alone or with friends and family. I would recommend it to anybody looking for a fun game. --PrivateLeFeuvre--
  8. In my personal opinion, the hardest mission in the game. It relies on sheer luck to earn. It took me over three hours to get. If you're considering on attempting it, I wish you all the best. May your local game store be open so you can purchase replacement controllers. --PrivateLeFeuvre--
  9. I was having a lot of difficulty with the Pursuit Milestones as well but if you're looking for easy Bounty and Cost to State I think the easiest way to go about it is to go to the Bus Terminal. Don't sit on the busses though, sit on the other side on the platform. Most of the cars that come up to bust you fall right off and if they don't it's a lot easier to back up and knock them back off anyways. Just make sure you don't land on any cruisers when you come back down. I've stayed up there for over 45 minutes just collecting and collecting. The real Cost to State comes from immobilizing police cars. Before you go through a road block always use your Speedbreaker to make sure there's no spike strips and if there is you can avoid them then use your Nitrous to plow into the rear of a vehicle to easily immobilize it. Using the Speedbreaker before impact also seems to lower your center of gravity so you don't go flying yourself. Best of luck. I hope I was some help. --PrivateLeFeuvre--
  10. Thanks for the guide. Helped me plenty as I progressed in the game. Only need online achievements until I'm done 100%. Phenomenal guide though. Great work. --PrivateLeFeuvre--
  11. UPDATE: Got them all. I no longer need help but if somebody else does I'd be glad to lend a hand with either "Cruise Club" or "Wheelin' 'n Dealin'". --PrivateLeFeuvre--
  12. UPDATED: I've completed all of the online achievements but still willing to lend a hand if needed. --PrivateLeFeuvre
  13. I finally got it this afternoon. Took me about eight tries or so to get it, but it took me over two hours last night of just trying over and over again to the point of frustration too immense to continue playing. Personally, I killed the guy in the washroom and ran up to shoot the guy in the doorway and took the left path. Other than that I just followed the same strategies and paths as the guys on YouTube. The only way to finish this mission is to get lucky. That's all I've found out. --PrivateLeFeuvre--
  14. I've finished this Milestone, and the easiest way I found to do it was to grab your best car and just run. Hit all of the Pursuit Breakers you can and immobilize all of the police cars you can. You've just got to keep going and if you get busted, reset and try again. If you're using the bus station to gain pursuit time and bounty, etc. don't sit on top of the all of the buses. Sit on top of the platform because it's more narrow and the cars that come flying up the ramp to bust you usually just fall right off. --PrivateLeFeuvre--
  15. Well I did get the achievement, and this is how: Since I had already gone through 90% of the World Tour in Forza Motorsport 4 and didn't want to lose anything from that save file, I borrowed Forza Motorsport 3 from a friend of mine, started playing, got to Driver Level 11 or so, bought the V.I.P. Car Pack for 800 Microsoft Points, and then bought the 2007 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera. From there, I went into my console settings, and went into Storage where I could MOVE my Forza Motorsport 4 saved game data from my Hard Drive to my Removable Storage(flash drive), because it won't let you copy the information from one location to another. I then loaded up Forza Motorsport 4 so that I could complete the entry race in the Ferrari 458 Italia, and it asked me if I wanted to import my saved game data from Forza Motorsport 3. Selected yes and bam. Forza Faithful and Unicorn Hunter popped right away. So for anybody else who is curious about them, I hope I've helped. --PrivateLeFeuvre--
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