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  1. Starting from the start so I'll let you know what I had missed, a fair few have missed two so this will be really helpful. I missed the first one, I'm missing another one somewhere else. I need to go through another play through again? When I started again nothing came up and I only had one diary in my auto logs tab.
  2. I found 3 in the first area so that might be where I missed one of my two.
  3. 26% I think this might be the incident that drives me to be a clock tower sniper.
  4. It's now the 13th where I live, I normally get DLC here around 8pm my time. Has there been a problem? This sucks I've been away from Xbox for a few months, I came back for this because Rapture! Come on 2K! EDIT: Lol after I posted this it turned up in the season pass store.
  5. I have a feeling they do, I'm not a 100% about this but I got the 10 hectares while I had hired someone. The question is do you need to be sitting on the machinery while their working? I have 3 harvesters going at the same time on several fields so I hope they all count, I will let you know if this system works when/if they pop.
  6. They should give you a plain answer, not piss fart you around.
  7. If I want US only games I have to import them, this is one game we get that you don't, if you want it get it from Amazon UK, it's not that big of a deal. Amazon UK is where I get most of my PAL games as I always get them early, you get use to it after a while. Most likely it will appear for you on the marketplace soon enough.
  8. I've done all the challenges and everything except the 40 hour achievement, I have bought everything and have 190 clusters left but no achievement. I got disconnected from live once and got the both sexes achievement after the patch so I have no idea what's going on with this achievement. Frustrating to say the least!
  9. I'm on now swapping heads if anyone wants to join me.
  10. Randomnutta


    What type of gameplay are you looking for? I know collectibles, I was thinking maybe I could contribute something else maybe?
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