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  1. Are you really, really, really, ridiculously good looking? [Link] :francis:

  2. Taken from the official site * METAL GEAR ONLINE will launch on 6th Oct 2015 (Tue) PST. http://www.konami.jp/mgs5/tpp/en/online/index.php5
  3. I'm passing on this myself as i'm far too into Neverwinter right now and don't have the time for 2 mmo's and i played this on pc and became bored quite quickly but you all have have my deepest sympathy if you even take half of the idiots ruining neverwinter for people right now. I can't believe after 9 years of xbox i finally realized that there are so many sad pathetic people playing games just to ruin other people's enjoyment and sitting in a town doing nothing but spamming a chat box
  4. Most achievements say (campaign only) but does that include co-op campaign?
  5. I've been clearing threatening difficulty for 2 days now and perilous 3-4 rooms and we don't even use a tank, we are so powerful rooms literally just fall in front of us tbh. Healer is not needed and we don't touch potion until the final room
  6. Seriously this thing in multiplayer is bullshit. It one shots almost anyone, it teleports none stop and constantly and is always the one boss who makes my group fail
  7. Not according to the description on the marketplace
  8. So i got the digital deluxe edititon of the game but have no MP chest(s) as stated in the description, How many should i have and anyone know how i can get them? I went to the free section on the in game store but nothing is there
  9. I'm playing CEA and wanted to turn some skulls on but i barely have any even though i collected them all and got all the related achievements, for example, bandana is not an option under scoring or non scoring skulls and i don't know why
  10. Don't we already have the videos by just going to the forums for the individual games?
  11. How hard is veteran in this installment? Just wandering if i should start out on it like the last few games
  12. Mass Effect, Playing a female Shepard is a must, if you never did it then you never truly experienced the full game. The dialogue changes so much and was funny being hit on
  13. NVM it works, i did it and added my UK Paypal and it works no problem, very happy and so much cheaper
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