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  1. :dance:probably Left 4 Dead game wise but also cause i wanted to best my ex and i have totally kicked his a-e for months!! Hehehe
  2. I've downloaded the DLC twice, tried it on two different consoles and even bought a new disc but it still won't work the same error message keeps coming up that disc is damaged or corrupted or whatever. Has anyone else had this problem and is it fixable at all?
  3. Ok thanks heaps when I get net credit I will try doing all that
  4. I recently had to buy a new console and transferred evrything via USB from my old one to my new one. everything copied ok except that when i play games with DLC it wont pick it up at all or says its corrupt/unreadable even though the actual file is fine. Any helpwould be awesome as i cant afford to purchase them all again or have the net connected at home at the moment.
  5. Beautiful-Jessica Mauboy:dance:
  6. Finally after months of waiting I am finally online!! Anyone feel free to add me Langeraus777
  7. langer

    A-Z of artists

    3 words: suck it up
  8. langer

    Top 5 bands

    My top 5 fav artists ever: 1.Joanne 2.Madonna 3.Delta Goodrem 4.Gina G 5.Jessica Mauboy
  9. langer

    A-Z of artists

    forum game just post a music artist starting with the next letter
  10. Me and my boyfriend are the only ones I know lol
  11. Sonic The Hedgehog (Xbox 360) very disappointed thinking it was going to be a more modern/updated version of the old one instead they turned into a crappy kiddies cartoon type thing
  12. CSI:Hard Evidence the only one so far lol
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