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  1. What are you on about? Edit: Googled it, not really something I look forward to. I'd rather have the game stay more on the realistic side. Still will get it if it's true anyway.
  2. I'm going to try clearing my cache next time I play. I've been getting similar problems lately. I got the fuzzy/really weird sound bug you mentioned. It sounds like every sound in the game trying to play at once. Also been getting some graphical bugs, while in the water one time I had a huge square around me and all the water inside the square was orange. Most annoying though has been the game freezing alot more lately.
  3. My other character capped out at level 23, with 189 books read and NO perks used to raise my skills. I could have maxed him out without broken steel, but I got lazy collecting the books so I waited for Broken Steel. I've started a new character though. I'm going to max all my Specials and skills this time since the "Almost Perfect" perk makes maxing all the Specials possible. For anyone attempting to do this it really isn't difficult at all. Here's some tips to keep in mind: (If you have Broken Steel) 1. When setting your specials at the beginning you have to set them up according to the perks you want to get. The best way to do this is to set Charisma to 1, set everything else to 6 and INT to 9 of course. The only negative part to this is you won't be able to get three of these semi-useful perks: Animal Friend, Child at Heart, and Master Trader. These perks are not that useful and you will have access to every other perk this way. 2. At level 2 once you exit the Vault choose Lady Killer/ Black Widow as your first perk. 3. Right when you leave the Vault you have to do a run to Rivit City and get the INT bobblehead, and you have to make sure you do NOT level up during the run. (It's really not hard, just watch out for one raider with a missile launcher, I always seem to run into him) 4. When leveling up do not choose ANY perk that raises you're skills. NONE. (Ex. Gun Nut: Raises small guns by 5.... ect. DO NOT GET THESE KIND OF PERKS) The point is to not get perks that won't be of any use once you reach maxed stats/level 30. Save you're perks for the stuff that makes you do more damage or gives you better criticals. Perks like that will help you in the long run and still benefit you at level 30 with everything at 100. 5. Keep track of the skill books you find. You're going to need skill books to get everything to 100. Now with Broken Steel things are alot easier as you won't need as many books, so it's not necessary required of you to keep track of them as you will probably only need 50-100 of them, 100 being the max. (Obviously you must pick up the Comprehension perk unless you want to make your life alot harder) 6. Important: If you want to max your specials it is very important that you do NOT pick up any of the Bobbleheads for the Specials until level 30 and you get the "Almost Perfect" perk. This perk will bring all your specials to 9, then you just grab all the bobbleheads and they will be maxed. (Keep in mind you already have INT maxed so getting that bobblehead was alright.) 7. Keep all your skills pretty equal. If you raise one or two skills and leave some behind you might not be able to max it all. (Ex. If you bring everything up to 90 or so and leave for example...Melee and Unarmed down at like 40, you might not be able to max those skills with the books alone or you will have to collect every book for that skill which is really a pain in the ass) It's just alot easier to max everything if you raise them equally.
  4. It'd be nice if they made more DLC that has to do or expands the Capital Wasteland instead of making more separated area's. That's one of the things I liked about Broken steel.
  5. Doing ES2 this weekend on Hard Drums with a friend on Hard Guitar over Xbox live. We are going to attempt BoS, but I kinda doubt we'll get it. I'll post here if we do though.
  6. Started a new character a while ago, got out of the vault with 5 luck, went to Megaton, then went to the Super Duper Mart. Killed the few Raiders out front and one of them was carrying it. Got it within the first hour of playing.
  7. Added: SatCom Array NW-05a (1) Total of one new terminal added.
  8. Never a problem for me, I play Hardcore so It doesn't make a difference.
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