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  1. Whoa thanks for the tips man, the M1 and explosive bullets is FUCKING awesome ! And I managed to beat the traitor in one go with the weapons you choose. Now I am cleaning the remaining levels. Thanks again.
  2. ??? Did you beat the game on insane before saying that buddy ? Because the battle with Salem is fucking annoying. There are no area when you can be really safe and if you die you have to kill the elites and the brutes again before going against the destroyer. Oh and by the way , f*** those assholes to put an outfit to unlock. because of that not only I can't have the insane achievement but the outfit and the others to have all weapons/tattoos/outfit/ and mask as well.
  3. Like your idea, but most likely they will use Salem as the big vilain if there is another opus.
  4. Lame ... For you maybe but I said FUCK the multiplayer especially when in the thow others games it was shit. Glad that this game and Bioshock didn't fall into the "let's make a mediocre solo and a multiplayer".
  5. R ight now the only progress I have is for using the COG or Locust class on Overrun matches but nothing else.
  6. Thanks for the guide but are you sure the All Rounder etc can be obtained offline on private matches ? Because won a match on every mode and nothing unlocked.
  7. All you have to say is that ? Looks like somebody who didn't even play the fucking game. I agree with the author. Go play it instead of sucking Halo that much dude... PS : congrats for being the 1# player in Mexico ... (sarcasm inside).
  8. ... It's not that hard at all. I am not a great player and I didn't have any problem dealing with it. Plus for the demons you can use the sword wich is very powerful. And se meter is very fast to boost.
  9. That sucks but I remember playing RE3 offline a long time ago and I didn't have that problem. I don't know if it's a problem of the game or the dashboard update but that piss off big time ! The DLC should be put if you buy them not just because you have the f****** game. EDIT : It's a problem with the game, I put Dante's Inferno and Gears of War and they didn't have the DLC achievements, just the regular from the game so screw you RE5 and Capcom !
  10. Hi everybody, I got Resident Evil 5 simple edition (not the gold) to boost it on 1000G but the problem is even if it's the simple edition and playing offline, I check my list and 0/70 0/1400 wtf ?? If I am playing offline and the game is not the gold edition how the hell the DLC were add to my achievements list ? At least I check it before spending hours on this great game but I have no interest in the RE5 DLC and having a game at 1000/1400 piss me off. Is there a way to avoid that ? Thanks in advance for the help guys.
  11. Funny how you destroy Very Hard and Revengeance but only did a decent work on Hard ... Don't forget to enjoy the game guys. That's the reason they were made, not to blast 1000G as fast as possible.
  12. ok, thank you. Damn, what a shitty challenge for this game ...
  13. How can you finish the entire level without using a disguise ? There are some easy part but just before the house is impossible without changing clothes.
  14. BAne, without a doubt. And that's why I am pissed that in the game he is just a big moron ... He is one of the only vilain who beat the shit out of batman for christ sake ... And I am bored with Joker, I know he is a main character of the universe but come one enough is enough.
  15. I agree but I heard THQ is in a serious crysis now so I really hope they don't let this series die, it has so much potential.
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