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  1. I hit the spot button the battlelog popped up and was run overbuy a tank.
  2. Okay, then where do I download the texture packs?
  3. Seriously they look like BF3 graphics before downloading the textures. Is it just me is does this game look subpar?
  4. Im rank 1.... I was 21 but I haven't been able to connect to servers for 4 days.
  5. Yep, I posted something on that forum too. This is pretty lame.
  6. I started playing halo 4 when i was home for University break. I leveled up to 21 beat the first 3 levels on Legendary solo and played Spartan ops. I have a Xbox usb memory stick that i use to take my profile to school to play on my friend's xbox. The problem is i can't connect to 343 servers .... The strange thing is that my friend can on his profile, so it's not an internet issue because are on the same network. It fails load my service record, so I appear as the default spartan but level 21. All my progression through the campaign saved. So I've been continuing through solo legendary. So my saved data is present. Strangely the game starts to allow me to proceed to matchmaking and spartan ops, but then changes its mind and decides to tell me I cant connect to servers. It changes from showing thousands online to less than 300. Does this have to do with me being on his xbox? Ive never had this problem with any other game. Is anyone else having this issue? Help would be most appreciated.
  7. I've Completed 2 homestead missions and the others have disappeared..... awesome.
  8. So I thoroughly enjoyed the Navel battling aspect of the game. Fighting Manowars in heavy seas and tactically shooting down sails and boarding ships was all awesome. I have completed all the navel battles. So....is there any other use for my boat, besides looking pretty? I go to my first mate dude who assigns missions and its completely empty. So is spending the little money I have on ship upgrades a waste of money because ill never set sail again? If so that disappointing. I would have liked to use my boat to cruise around instead of just using it to fast traveling.
  9. Thanks for all the tips! I'll try them out to tonight.
  10. Am I missing something when it comes to the combat system in this game? I push the "B" button when the red triangles show up and they still stab me with bayonets. I have no idea how to kill the big guys with axes or the leader looking dudes with the swords. I feel like my weapons don't do any damage and end up running from 90% of fights because every battle turns into me vs 20+ people. help, its really making me hate this game.
  11. I'm having a lot of trouble getting through this game. The amount of guards is mind boggling, as well as the difficulty in fighting so many guards. Also I feel like my weapons don't do any damage, so i end up running from most fights. I want to know why they changed climbing from "Right trigger" and "A" to just Right trigger. I get killed countless times running from 20+ guards because I run up a building instead of through an alley way. I really like the ship combat though. WHY CANT I KILL CIVILIANS!
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