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  1. I'm quite surprised though. I put a link to this tread, in my sig on the Defiance forums and in two days this thread gained 2,000+ views.
  2. Yeah it's a duplicate, but no need to worry. You're just trying to help.
  3. Those where from ads. Already used I remember them.
  4. That suprise he mentions has potential to be a code. He hasn't confirmed or denied it.
  5. 55. OTIINU SOURCE Scroll to the bottom of the image.
  6. 54. UUXTGI SOURCE Scroll to the bottom again.
  7. I'm willing to take that loss. I'll still have the old HDD so, it won't be a big deal.
  8. So no Halo 2 and games from that era?
  9. I just looked at some 320 GB hard drives, they have some solid prices. 320 GBs for $50 + $18 transfer cable, is about the price of a game. I might have to pick those up.
  10. I still need to do some deleting. I wonder why I'd need 10 GBs anyways.Well later on, not in the beginning. Could they have a few GBs of updates, or is the game 10 GBs?
  11. The pre-order pages on Defiance.com were recently updated. And below each level of the pre-order it says: Looks like I need to do some cleaning. But BF3 is killing my HDD, so who knows what I need to delete.
  12. iiReLaX o

    Beta Keys

    I would've been pissed. But I wish my laptop could've ran the beta, I wanted a little bit of play time. But from [insert start date] to [insert end date] of the console beta, I plan to report whatever bug I find.
  13. iiReLaX o

    Beta Keys

    Lol. The more the better, and the more bugs that can get discovered/fixed.
  14. I know we still have a month and a day left but it seems like we have another 5 months left.
  15. iiReLaX o

    Beta Keys

    Put a link in my sig, trying to help spread the word.
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