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  1. I did, I still don't regret selling the game. I just wish I could ask MS to wipe my achievements, clear the Mechromancer and DLCs for it, and refund me the points so I can go play something worthwhile like Divinity II or KoA:R. Now I'm just waiting two weeks till DS3.
  2. I just sold the game (and finished off a pre-order), but I'd say: Level cap raise Bank and Inventory size increase A much larger DLC campaign Crawmerax 2.0 (including good loot drops) New gear that is actually reliable to people who don't just use the special abilities and paint jobs to mod hybrid weapons. Expand the weapon parts inventory with new items Bring new weapon types such as Maliwan Shotguns and Bandit Sniper Rifles Bring back Atlas, S&S, and Eridian (the old Alien weapons) arms back to the fold
  3. Well, you can always license transfer Online Passes.
  4. I really don't care if I complete Hardcore or Scavenger mode on either. I'll just burn through it like I normally do, and the only pace will be mine.
  5. I wish petitions actually work, otherwise I'd point people to petition for Visceral to make a future DLC adding it.
  6. Not so much considering its just Demon Souls with a little more polish.
  7. Where are you getting I was stating it was a fault? I said it was a triviality, not a real difficulty. Also, Plasma Cutter was and is mostly still a boring weapon to use.
  8. Actually the Hacker suit was the 2nd room you opened. The Hacker Contact Beam was probably the last door you could open.
  9. I doubt it will really matter, although their descriptions for suits in DS3 are short of anything imaginative.
  10. My friends like collecting them, my one friend back home is a PS3 user, so he's into Trophies.
  11. Considering I didn't primary with the Plasma Cutter, that sounds stupid. Okay, and? It's a triviality difficulty, Hardcore was previously three saves, no checkpoints (2nd disc if 360) and survival difficulty. It was unnerving because if your game crashed or if you slipped you were forced to the beginning, like Dark Souls that's tedium punishment, not super hard.
  12. I dunno, they probably meant other doors, but I have ignition. That was a brutal game.
  13. Wow, the first nice thing I've heard in a while. I'm happy for the lad.
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