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  1. I have this happen all the time in coop with other zombies and its fucking annoying. Their support team told me to hard restart my xbox and reinstall the game....
  2. Do you have to actually collect the cards or does it count towards the achievement by just crafting them and having the card show up in your combo cards deck?
  3. Do you need to actually collect them or can you create the weapons and have it count towards the achievement?
  4. You ONLY need to delete the Game data and probably the downloaded character. The updates should have nothing to do with it.
  5. Well i did what he said in the first thread but it didn't pop for either my pointman or heavy gunner.
  6. I think it is the point man. It would make sense since that is the one that you download and all the others are in game. So if anything i'd try that first.
  7. I think i could agree with spiderman being a pretty bad one:p
  8. So are we able to trick it into giving us the achievement for only one tour with one class?
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