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    I get high on education
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  1. I'm looking for people to join my spartan company Formal Fight. So we can setup Warzone Firefight lobby's to have some fun and get Fire Fight and some co-op score attack achievements. Message my Gamertag: Realmersive if that sound's good to you. Hope to hear from you.
  2. I'm looking for 3 people to get the harbinger achievement for beating it on legendary with 4 people and know body dying in the mission. If interested message my gamer tag: Realmersive
  3. hopefully ill be able to rent it soon without delay
  4. good job on the guide helped me out.
  5. Im looking for someone who's up to do DR2 so message me on XBL Gamertag: Realmersive if your up for it.
  6. Hey Im up to get some leveling done as well as get all the mp chieves so just message me on xboxlive if you need people. Gamertag: FTW Realist
  7. I'm looking for people to do co-op in Far Cry 3. If you got an hour or to to kill just message me on xboxlive @ FTW Realist.
  8. Looking to do campaign coop on heroic. Just message me on xboxlive. GT:FTW Realist
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