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    Started gaming in April 2012 and have been getting my @$$ kicked in multi-player ever since!
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  1. I've got a similar issue with the with the story-based achievements:. I've unlocked the ones for chapter 1 and 3, but not the one for chapter 2. Hope it pops overnight, but not optimistic.
  2. Yeah...I've had game bosses that have kicked my ass harder and longer, but I've hated few of them as much as I do this cheap one-hit kill boss in the one-slip kill environment with my pick-up-the-crowbar-and-be-less-than-useless AI companion. I was loving the game, but this cheap boss fight has left me unsure I'll ever see the end. This boss fight makes me not want to spend another minute in the game. It gets better again, right?
  3. ...suck in this game. Blackhand can keep the fu#&ing wind farm.
  4. Hate this DLC. A challenge is one thing, but only a masochist could enjoy this shit.
  5. Nice that tank controls aren't required, but when I "aim", I have no idea where I'm aiming. Five or six bullets later, the unhurt zombie kills me. The dogs? Forget it. I can't touch them. How are you supposed to do anything in this game? Clearly people do it and have beaten this game, so I gather the problem is me, but what am I missing?
  6. Battlefield 1 - 9.5/10 - campaign vignettes were great and the multi-player is fantastic. I love the Operations mode. Mafia 3 - 5/10 so far. Have abandoned this in the hopes that they patch it/make it playable. My save game may actually be pooched. Great character/story, but an awful game Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 8/10 - solid Inside - 8.5/10 great tone and environments. Without going into spoiler territory, I think the story was a little too impenetrable
  7. I turned off autoplay on day one, but the discs always loaded automatically regardless.
  8. My deluxe edition Titanfall 2 arrived two days ago and I immediately popped the disc into the Xbox One. I've finally sat down to play it and the only option available is to install disc. That used to happen as soon as the disc was inserted. Who the fuck thought a prompt was a good idea?! Was Microsoft getting complaints from hordes of angry users that shoved discs into their Xbox Ones for storage purposes only and didn't want the software accessible on the console?! Fuck!
  9. Zombies are overpowered. I've never lost as a zombie and have only managed to kill one once in my game. Looking at the scores, it appears lots of players are having success killing Volatiles in the nests, but I can't imagine how. I've shot the volatiles four times in the head with my orange-tier shotgun and they're still kicking. When I'm actually holding my own against the zombie, it calls in horde support?! 18 deaths at the hand of zombie invaders and not one volatile kill? Fuck this. Games are supposed to be fun. This is more Bozak masochism. Back to Harran...invasions off.
  10. Frame rate dips are frequent. Shame; game is beautiful otherwise. Campaing checkpointing sucks ass.
  11. Agreed. Just froze/crashed three times in 10 minutes. This game runs like shit. I may shelve it until the new year. This game is my biggest disappointment of 2016.
  12. I'm in the same boat. Game just crashed to the dashboard or froze three times in 10 minutes. I'm concerned my game save is fucked up. Great story gutted by a broken game.
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