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  1. Similar thing happened to me. Wave 14, 1 enemy remaining. I was mid shock jocky zap on him right infront of me when game froze. Now if I do several ribbons from the 8-13ish wave sets I just sprint finish and ignore the last ones so I can bank a save.
  2. Fuuuuuck! I just had this problem but rage quit before coming here.... Luckily it was my first round through so I was just trying to earn money for upgrades rather than go for ribbons just yet.
  3. Codemasters have set an all time record for most cuntish DLC. First the boost pack now this... what a joke.
  4. No XP rewards in week 4. It is simply that it's a one time thing. Codemasters revealled today why they have made XP so hard to get... so they can peddle the boosted XP microtransaction sales. I think Codemasters should be ashamed of themselves.
  5. The PS3Trophies forums seem much more active than here on 360A. They say other there that the lack of XP for the challenges this week is an error. Basically it's not awarding the medal properly - or so they say etc. Hopefully next week is back to how it should be.
  6. Did I read in the review that you can race online against AI? Does that give XP?
  7. It is pretty bad. What annoys me even more is that when you want to cycle through the various liveries to view them it takes 60 years to load each one! I don't even bother with them simply because of that. It's odd, load times for the races is actually very fast I think compared to a lot of racing titles. I don't even find MP that bad for it.
  8. Ended up with about 380k for that week. I'm just curious, is anyone else getting lame XP for platinums? Can you only get the big XP rewards one time ever? I got in the region of 10k for plats last time around, I only get a couple thousand now even when platinum on a new event. It's nice to see you can earn XP towards owned cars though. The ones I own virtually never come up online as available to drive.
  9. Your Endurance video is actually Open Wheel. Do you get bonus XP at the end of the week too?
  10. I got to level 12 in Open Wheel online. No achievement. EDIT Ok it unlocked in a proper online lobby. I went from 9-12 in RaceNet Challenges. It did not unlock then for some reason. I did another online rave and it popped at the end.
  11. The longest standing driver starting on pole is the second best addition to a racing game online since the mechanic in Grid 1 where the first to 'ready up' got pole. It encourages people to not drop in and out of lobbys looking for differnt crowds. I accumilated over 300 points tonight across 25 odd races and picked up 15 wins (a number of these were drift or time attack where it's safer though). The large amount of wins was greatly assisted by starting first. I fully sympathise with your anger, I as well as everyone else have had our share of people crashing us off. It's just the way things are online. I must say I do like Grid Autosport's penalty system where you lose acceleration and ghost out. Overall I'm very happy with the game.
  12. 1) I know what you mean but I think you are being a bit overdramatic. Codies have always had floaty cars, it's annoying but you quickly get used to it. I think Forza Horizon had some of the best non sim handling available. 2) I am actually semi happy to hear this, I have the wheel and have been playing Grid all weekend with a pad wondering if I was missing out (I currently have no place to set up the wheel, hence not using it). Personally I love the game. It may be because I've not bought a racing game since Horizon and before that was Forza 4. Decent ones have been so rare to come out in the last few years, almost as if the genre is dying off. Next gen has some great ones coming so when I upgrade it will be shweet! PS sorry to hear about your save! Might cloud save mine as a back up.
  13. Good job Barad. Fairly self explanatory list really
  14. I have it. Level 3-5 in all categories except drift (not tried it yet). I think it's brilliant! The handling is fine, it's certainly not anything to worry about in my opinion. I have been racing all assists off since race 1 and have won most races on medium AI. I did two online races last night and had full lobbies right away (I also got to level 6 in only two races (5th/4th finishing positions) so I don't think levelling up will be as bad as it seems it may be on paper etc. Seriously, if you like racing and loved the first Grid then for heavens sake buy this game. It is most definitely the Grid 2 we all wanted!!!
  15. It looks fairly decent to me. Only thing I'm unsure about is if the community will be strong enough to make the online achievements possible. Some serious grinds to do and if there are not many people to race against it will be boring as hell boosting.
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