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  1. Hi i am relatively new to the game and i am looking to boost the corrupt and hallowed achievements, if anyone can help me would be much appreciated. if you can help me add me at M1LL4 K1LL4 or message me on here thanks
  2. If you can please check out my world it is called Shadow Realm creator will be M1LL4 K1LL4 like download and remix send me a message on here with your worlds name and I will return the favour
  3. Cant say I'm looking forward to it over other games that are being released but certainly looks fun and will be getting it
  4. despite being a arsenal and Luton fan that would be a awesome achievement and a good reminder of a amazing manager could always have a achievement for moyes aswell undo all the good work the previous manager has done or a Chelsea achievement to get sacked after a few maches xD or to show in unbiassed the arsenal achievement buy noone for a season but sell your decent players
  5. I think it could be because its download only should imagine they don't have the same rules etc could be wrong though
  6. never watch a guide before hand always play games on the hardest difficulty first to get the true experience then i will play again on easy to see what i missed/get collectibles
  7. bit too addicting if u ask me xD lost track of the time and went to bed at 11:30 and up for work @ 4:00 :\
  8. interested in the sims will have to see if i can get the money if you get any 360 games or GFWL can u message me
  9. ill have batman thank you very much
  10. i have OCD and work if i want a hard achievement i work for it yeah takes me longer than everyone else but so what
  11. Hey, the date set on the zoo tycoon session was just a place holder, me and one other and ready to go whenever really

  12. looking to get the crazy achievement drop me a message if you can help will be on around 8PM GMT add me and drop me a message M1LL4 K1LL4
  13. Thanks for the advice managed to pick up Tomb Raider for a couple of quid from a certain payday loan shop (turns out they cant price stuff for shit xD) but yeah give that a go for now and thief for the xbox one thanks again
  14. Hi I am torn between this and tomb raider definitive ed for the Xbox one I have never played either the 360 version of TR or any version of thief, what I want to know is of the people that have played both what would you suggest?
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