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  1. The twitter account for Ghost Recon tweeted out about 2 hours ago that codes were going out "Later Today".
  2. Looking to boost the online multiplayer achievements. Hit me up on Xbox @ Scotian Bred. Thanks!
  3. I just updated mine and popped a bunch of achievements. Seems to be working now.
  4. I better write down which path I take at the point of no return, if two playthroughs are required. Imagine not remembering! Although I don't mind playing a good game twice.
  5. Do you need to learn how to wiretap first? Or can you do this from the start? Do you use those little fuse pieces you pick up? I'm probably just not far enough into the game yet.
  6. You don't necessarily need a proper email or a 2K account. I used scotian @ hotdog dot com and it went though no problem.
  7. I have achievements showing 100% and still locked. And another for collectibles that shows no percentage and locked. I would say they're glitched. ( EDIT: It could be dashboard update related and not necessarily the game)
  8. I bought it on release and just cleaned up the 1000 today. Been grinding for awhile. It's a very long game. I'd say it's also tough but definitely not glitchy.
  9. A lot of talk about glitching. But I haven't encountered any of the sort. Just some sneaky things to find. And big areas to search.
  10. The car mechanics are tuned to fun in this game. To win Death Races you'll need a very well upgraded car, simple as that. The Death Races can all be fast traveled to so don't worry about them too much right away.
  11. This is the truck that needs to be taken to the wall to blow a hole in it right? You'll have to go back to Jeets Stronghold and talk to someone inside to get the truck again.
  12. A lot of people haven't updated since coming from 360. Besides, there isn't much customization for the gamerpics yet. Go into the Xbox Avatars app and press the menu button (start button) to take a picture. After pressing view button (back button) to capture the photo there will be an option to save it as your gamerpic.
  13. You also can't do donuts with front wheel drive (FWD) cars in this game.
  14. Hold gas and brake at the same time to do a burnout. Once your doing a burnout let go of the brakes and steer hard left or right while still holding the gas. Donut!
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