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  1. Maybe they are related to the Hermits brother that was mentioned (just a theory). Anyone know what every other ninja is doing at the moment in the story?
  2. Hey guys its been a while since I've been on, just curious what episode and\or chapter does the 3 tail get put into rin
  3. You should check out Naruto Storm 3, its a pretty enjoyable game if your into that playing style, or you could check out skyrim it weeks of dragon fighting, troll slaying, bandit raiding fun
  4. I think the creators are trying to go for a more dark and edgy scheme, cause you have to admit the story pretty much goes, enter natsu - enter bad guy - natsu unleashes dragon power - hardly any effect - bad guy kicks his ass - natsu unleashes some ultra seceret power, that he didn't start with for no reason - natsu wins - the end. so my guess is there going to put more darker realistic scenes into Fairy Tale, which I personally am fully welcome to the change. And if anyone is upset by what I wrote I apoligise that was not my intent, I was just writing some of my thoughts, and I fully relise that everyone has different views on the topic.
  5. [spoiler=Snap]It was a big shock when madara got brought back from the dead, i'm very interested in how he is going to be defeated as he's currently the most powerful ninja out there.
  6. thanks everyone for posting, the thing is I already have a car, and they want something like a watch or cufflinks something material and meaningful, and before someone says a watch or cufflinks I already own them too. thanks for posting oh and my interests are playing (not so much watching) rugby union, touch football, boating, camping and fishing. and the price range is $1-$500 Australian.
  7. Their looking at something more meaningful, something I can keep and treasure for years
  8. Ok so I'm turning 18 soon and my parents are looking for a present that I will have for many years to come. So I would love some ideas of possible gifts that fit that description thanks in advance.
  9. I broke my mom's flower pot thing, and almost took my friends ceiling fan out of the roof when it caught my hand
  10. It was on the Nintendo 64 so it was may years ago I think I was like 6, got to love Mario Kart and Golden Eye
  11. I found Kung Foo Panda extremely easy, so I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a quick 1000
  12. My Mate I play footy with was xD4rkElkx so he made mine when he helped me connect to Live, I still like mine so I think i'll keep it for a while longer
  13. I'm a big fan of Naruto Ninja Storm 3, I thoughly enjoyed playing through the story mode and even in free play I have blast fighting my friends
  14. Well you can't get much better than Skyrim for hacking and bashing wherever I go i'm either being attacked y bandits or trolls not to mention the threat from dragons from above god I love that game
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