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  1. Well, the Lucky Kitty is luck-based, I got mine on the eleventh incursion. Luck-based achievements really shouldn't be in games, kinda contradictory to the term "Achievement".
  2. I've only been at four, half of them stalled before the siege phase. Coincidentally, the two stalled ones happened when there were 100+ players in one incursion emergency.
  3. Entering an arkbreak is the same as joining mathmaking, you're randomly placed in an arkbreak(major or minor) regardless of it's current progress; this is why some people can 're-enter' an arkbreak if they are in it for less than five minutes.
  4. These achievements are grindy; thankfully, matches are only 15 minutes, and you can leave the match(To start a new one in a different tank) without worries if your tank violently explodes.
  5. But then people could exploit that idea and spam [insert Key Here!] To bump up their post count and potentially overload the site. Potentially. It would be much easier for guide uploaders to keep a copy of their guide(along with how guides are usually uploaded) as an attachment in the first post uploaded.
  6. I've noticed that about every other news thread has at least one spam post. I remember Creech saying that he deleted around 500-ish spam related items(among other things) in the forums before they even appeared to users, this was probably before Creech became Intimidatingly Red.
  7. Blasted Warmaster became invincible for the last ten seconds, i've seen him bug in some amusing ways but a literally unkillable warmaster is wrong.
  8. It's annoying but there is always the report button. I support the idea; It doesn't make sense to have an account on a pro-Xbox site without an Xbox Live account, even a silver account counts. (same thing goes with the PS sister site) A reason against this is that it removes a person's anonymity, but that can easily be fixed by giving a person the option to hide their gamertag in the User CP(except from mods, because moderation), and make that anonymous gamertag option available on account creation.
  9. You don't have much to worry about with your current stat differences, try picking bonuses you don't pick very often and the crit damage bonus should pop up at some point; something to note, the game will give you the same bonus option more if you habitually pick it when it shows up.
  10. So after accidentally hitting the submit button instead of the " key in a recent news thread, I realized that there is no prompt that asks anything along the lines of: "are you sure you want to post this?" or a script that checks for the existence of characters in the text box (like in the forums). Is it possible to add anything like this in the future? And yes, I know I derped shamefully.
  11. There should be a main mission icon(those orange squares with a '!' in em) in the Mount Tam area, it will not show up on the map if you have said icon hidden.
  12. I am all for the achievement being achievable for everybody, but i still don't see the surge bolter being 'nerfed' it certainly wouldn't bring the PvP community back since most other weapons can one-to-two-shot another player with the best survivability, or are infectors(there are even infector grenades now). It wouldn't help make PvE more 'fair' either since everybody uses an explosive/volge weapon now. If the surge bolter does get nerfed, it should be to reduce it's hipfire accuracy, which is ridiculously laser accurate.
  13. Was this from their recent livestream? They have yet to patch the warmaster achievement which they said they would so that source is a little questionable at the now.
  14. I booted up the game and it said there was a title update (like with all games) not too long ago; it didn't fix the warmaster achievement, i actually got it just now but a friend of mine i was in a party with didn't (we were fighting the same warmaster). Trion actially designed the surge bolters to one-shot almost anything, they're not going to nerf them any time soon in my mind; Sad since the rifles are abused more than infectors in PvP.
  15. There was an actual non-patch update for the game not too long ago, not sure if it fixed the achievement since I have yet to see the warmaster die again. On topic, am I the only one who thinks batteries should be 'made' with ark salvage instead of 'bought' at a vendor? It doesn't make sense for the things to be in circulation when your character is basically scrounging for parts in the story.
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