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  1. All sorted now, appears one of the kids changed toe output to 720p, changed back to 1080p and all ok again 😀
  2. Hi guys, i can no longer play split screen on minecraft on my 360, is there something im doing wrong or a box that hasn't been ticked in the opinions that im missing? Starting to get annoying now as used to split screen play alot. Thanks in advance for help.
  3. hi played this level through this evening and no achievement popped for it, has anyone else had this problem?
  4. in still not getting any sales and now for some reason my village size has also dropped from 4 to 2 stars?? I'm on lvl 48...this game best last until lvl 50
  5. Hi anyone else found that there are no more sales for items in the shop?
  6. Hi I thought when this came out on PC (steam etc) it was going to have achievements with it, I now notice all info relating to this has gone? can someone help or am i going a bit mad??:confused:
  7. Not autosaving, is this normal? Playing ep1 and died at part where you have to get a girl out of a room and kill zombies silently, now wants me to start again??
  8. Hi does Steam Version of this game have Xbox Live Achievements?
  9. Can see Contracts and Silent Assassin Achievements but no Blood Money??, is that because they have decided to do a 180 on the poor decision to include an HD game in an HD collection?...anyone know??
  10. Will this game have full on Co-op??
  11. I see ep.2 is out for £3.49 but does anyone know anything about achievements etc?:locked:locked:woop::woop:
  12. Hi Just a quick one, me and a friend have just purchased this online to play co-op on and im wondering with the collectibles (skulls etc) do you both have to get them on separate playthroughs or if one person collects it then you both receive it, or do/can you both collect it separately on the same game? Thanks :):)
  13. DLC in black Friday week Xbox live deals this week but is it worth it??
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