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  1. I'm not sure how frame rate drops couldn't of been a bigger point of reviews. The constant drops and uneven framerates made me feeling very nauseous after playing for a couple hours. I felt even worse playing Below though, I could only play that maybe a half hour, the way the camera follows is you is just terrible on my stomach.
  2. I bought Shadow of the Tomb Raider online sale Friday cause I didn't want to brave the crowds. I'm excited to play it when it gets here.
  3. Thanks for the replies every one, a hard power off and unplugging the console worked. I just thought it was weird that my controller turned on fine and stayed synced when I turned the Xbox on by hand. Oh well, problem fixed.
  4. I had the original XB1 since launch and yesterday I upgraded to the S. I am so happy to be done with that power brick! On the OG XB1 when I turned my controller on, it turned on the Xbox. With the S, it doesn't seem to be doing that. The controller turns on but the console doesn't. When I turn it on manually, the controller stays paired. I tried to re-sync but that didn't work. Is there some setting I'm missing? Thanks
  5. I uninstalled and now it says I need to buy it again. My brother and I put in at least 200 hours through this "digital license" or whatever. Quite fed up with the ordeal, I'll just buy a disk copy during sales.
  6. It is my copy I purchased digitally, not through game pass. I have my xbox set as home console but it's not even working under my profile (the profile that purchased it). Thanks for all your suggestions, I guess I'll try the long uninstall/reinstall process.
  7. Thanks, I was trying to avoid that. It's a huge file and my internet speed is 5 mbp/s down at best so it'll take a long time. When I go to the store it says this product is installed and option to play, when I click it the game starts and then error again.
  8. I have a downloaded copy of Fallout 4 that has been working fine for over a year. Today it won't let me launch it, just getting the error of I don't own this game or app. I sometimes got this error with a disk copy, I would just eject the disk and put it back in and it would work. I never got it with a downloaded game before. Has anyone ran into an issue like this before? I have tried a hard reset (holding power button for 10 seconds so it goes off) and issue still persists.
  9. I got the pass just to play Super Lucky's Tale ( a fine game, 7.5) and not sure if I'll keep it. No interest in Sea of Thieves but maybe I can try one of the news even if none jump out at me. How's Portal Knights?
  10. Will Kingdom Hearts release this year? If so I'll add that to Crackdown, Red Dead and Metro. We know Anthem is NOT releasing this year so might want to edit that out.
  11. E3 isn't too far away and the hype train will start rolling soon. It won't be hard to be beat last year's abysmal showing (by all publishers) either. Now, to play devil's advocate, if you can have only ONE of these announced which would it be? I didn't include obvious ones that we know are coming like Gears, Forza, Halo.
  12. Yes, I've got dozens in the last couple weeks and random messages at least every couple days. Been VERY annoying.
  13. I know we just the Game Awards sale, but I had no moneyz for that. Do we know if the Xmas sales is this week or next week? Or maybe not at all?
  14. My achievement for honoring a death thread didn't pop for days.
  15. The 3 hardcore achievements in Diablo 3. It wasn't hard, just ultra grind. Especially lvl 70, because I was playing only on expert since perma-death, I had no good gear and had to play a few hrs of riffs to get to 70 where usually I'm at there before fighting Diablo.
  16. Just finished grinding out some Diablo achievements (finally did hardcore run, what a grind) and now playing Shadows of Mordor GOTY because it was on sale for $6. I never played the dlc, playing the campaign first isn't as fun as it was before.
  17. Ugh, Halo MCC was such a mess. I got 3/4 way through Halo 2 Anniversary story and I can't get past this part because the game green screens and freezes. No matter how many times I restart or wait a couple weeks and try again. It's beyond frustrating that it's a game breaking bug in a freakin' remaster where things SHOULD be silky smooth.
  18. I posted earlier about ability to gift games/subscriptions to friends easily, well I thought of a couple other dashboard improvements they could announce. The ability to remove recently opened games/apps from your home would be great. A completely easy way to sort achievements such as date, title, platform or year. A total games number A average achievement per game amount (along with where you'd sit compared to friends and the world in these fields). Just put achievements at the top of the dashboard already. Yes, pressing over and it seeing in it the quick guide is fine, but it won't work in one easy step if no game is open. Solve this problem by me being able to press RB and go to achievements quickly. And of course that ever requested ability to remove 0GS from your list.
  19. Is this really the best time for Soul Calibur though? I love that series, had tons of hours of fun with part 4, but the fighting genre is filled to the brim right now. Think they'd be better suited until least next year.
  20. Another year, another painfully bad EA briefing. Can't believe the lack of content that gamers really want to see. On a side note, I'm pretty sad seeing Bethesda's conference doesn't start until 1 AM local time (Eastern Canada) for me.
  21. Crackdown 3, South Park, AC: Origins, Middle Earth: Shadows of War...not much else yet. This year is looking a little bare so far. I mean I'll play CoD and Battlefront, but not ready to pay $80 CDN + taxes on day one. Edit: Forgot about Cuphead, that game should be amazing.
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