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  1. I'm suprised no many have mentioned this game but my most online game is the FIFA series
  2. http://i.imgur.com/Nbx0baB.jpg only just really realised its pointless trading selling games unless absolutely needed so only a small collection will start propper next gen.
  3. http://www.speedtest.net/iphone/552369672.pngbest I can get.. Can't wait till I can get fibre optic I'm my area..
  4. Personally I can enjoy any online multiplayer game the things that generally ruin it for me is the community's that play it because usually they just abuse any exploit possible to get a win.
  5. I've been called a shit gamer once and told to get more Cheevos noob only because I only have 5k gamerscore and I beat a guy online who had 80k and then he got mad.
  6. For the scores bioshock got on metacritic I expected Megan fox to jump out and pleasure me. But it seems the logical reason for the reviews is that ken Levine either has to much money or very sore knees for the amount of dicks he would have to blow for them scores
  7. Bioshock infinite 6/10 So overrated its just an average shooter to me.
  8. Not holing my breath on this, EA can produce decent games when they want to, but they've also given us some right howlers and a ton of dross. I have a feeling these will fall in to the latter camp and end up being movie games based on the new movies.
  9. FIFA 10 was 1st for a while but most recenyly I was first in team deathmatch for a while in gears of war judgement.
  10. My day consists of working getting home and playing old school runescape and watching tv
  11. It also dosent help that once I have finished work for the day sometimes I'm to tired to game and just watch tv
  12. Prime example bought assasins creed 3 today for £20 and feel skint even though I have no bills to pay and have upwards of £300 spare
  13. When Dom died In gears 3 I actually cried
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