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  • Birthday 07/24/1995

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    Navajo Flower

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    my name is Sarah. my Navajo name is Atsa Yaazh which translates to little eagle
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    Shiprock, Middle of the Anasazi Empire
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    video games, fishing

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  1. my world is setup to earn almost all achievements if i can get help setting up for the new title update i will appriciate any help GT : Navajo Flower
  2. my world is being updated to earn the new set of achievements for the febuarary update
  3. i am setting my survival world up to be an achievement world so far the following achievements can be earned: shear a sheep, rainbow collection, repopulation, beaconator, the begining, the begining?, tie dye, trampoline, overpower, return to sender, zombie doctor, iron belly, overkill, into fire, into the nether, the end, the end?, diamonds to you, diamonds, iron man stayin' frosty, renewable energy, acquire hardware, when pigs fly, music to my ears and on a rail. if you need any of these or would like to help add more achievements to the list message me GT: Navajo Flower
  4. because you can not get enderpearls how do you find and get to the stronghold? and can anyone help me find one in my world
  5. i am looking for online - multiplayers that can help boost achievements as well as build and have fun in survivor mode if interested just message me at GT : Navajo flower
  6. if anyone could help me out with the new title update achievement please let me know GT : Navajo Flower thanks
  7. if anyone needs the achievements for shearing the 16 wool, riding the minecart for 550 meters or needs to jump through the end portal let me know i can help GT : Navajo Flower
  8. i am also looking for help with the online achievements as well gt: Navajo Flower
  9. i am still looking as well for the online achievements.... gt : navajo flower
  10. my newest 100% are Terraria and also Lego Jurassic World
  11. my new game would have to be the Goat Simulator i can not get the damn Flappy Goat no matter how hard i try i think my "Y" button is wearing out
  12. I now have all armor and all pets.. Will trade for corrupt world
  13. Wonder how long it will take to fix this problem... All Lego games are buggy. But this is ridiculous
  14. As the title on this thread states the last 1000gs game.. Mine is Minecraft
  15. I can trade you all the pets for the armor my GT has change message me at Navajo Flower... I am usually online during the weekends.. But with Xbox one smartglass I respond quickly
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