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  1. I have both discs installed and I've had no problems and I can play online.
  2. I was doing a spot of this last night. I had Franklin AND Micheal floating over the $25,000. When I switched between the two the case disappeared, but when I alternately switched to Trevor the case was there. At first, when I switched to Franklin or Micheal each character had swum upto the surface, then after a few jumps they stayed put over the money but the other character was invisible.
  3. I took Chop out for a walk, after a while I climbed up onto a roof top via a ladder. I threw the ball and it fell through the roof. When I turned around Chop had teleported to the roof, I climbed back down the ladder but chop was stuck on the roof, I climbed back up and he was having a spaz attack near the ladder. After I stopped laughing, I climbed back down and ran off, threw the ball and he somehow came running after it. Weird.
  4. I killed him with 3 molotov's and a few swipes from a machete. Only to have him spawn again, couldn't get rid of him and listening to him repeat those phrases did my head in. So if anyone else wants to get rid of him (without killing him or getting killed), run up the hill to the camp with all the vehicles, get in a vehicle, run him over but leave the car on top of him. He will be lifeless, you can't kill him, but at least you can can carry on playing. Eventually he will just vanish.
  5. I'll add you too, I play it, I don't think I'm the best at it, but I'll play if it helps you/me etc get some achiv's
  6. If anyone is having trouble with this, as I did. In the end I found that if you avoid using nitro you can pretty much lead the whole race!? The AI doesn't seam to use nitro if you don't. Handbrake/e-brake most of the tight turns. I found this way-way easier. Same goes for Seacrest Tour, until the last miles when 2nd place with warp speed past you. I wanted to like this game, but its shite. Bullshit AI, magnetic barriers, AI that knows where all the traffic is, AI that can see through your spray from wet roads, can't alter the sensitivity of the steering (I think it would be easier to play with with a steering wheel), can't turn off the annoying 'dramatic' music. I played a few races with the game muted. Thers no reward for good driving, AI waits for you and sticks to you. Can't they remake NFS 1? I loved that game, had it on the 3DO, actually it was proably the only good game on the 3DO lol. Anyway, rant over lol
  7. This happened to me too. I started a new game on veteran, played right through to the end and I also never got the achiv, I also noticed I that "It's your funeral" hadn't popped, so I replayed Numbers and at the end I got the 2 pop together. WTF!? Can't wait to get this on ebay lol every CoD game is the same, shoot as many on screen guys as you can and move up to cover, repeat to fade.
  8. This made for some good reading, only problem I have is getting to the point where I can unlock the defibrillator/health packs lol Until that time I'll continue getting my arse felt
  9. Thanks for the guide, I didn't get all the stations but it still unlocked for me when I destroyed the last station.
  10. I can't get this one idol, I clear the puzzle of traps and jewels, but the idol won't appear. What is it I'm doing wrong? lol got it. I didn't reach the target of $500k
  11. I thought the same, as soon as I enter the tower I always end up moving the cross-hair up instead of down. There is an option to change this in the options, as I changed this for the gun positions, but I think the sniper tower is excluded???
  12. Just got the game, looking to 'try' and get some expert achiv's. I'm 38 but like a few laughs, so please, no kids. UK (GMT+0)
  13. I'm up for Spec Ops, just bear in mind I'm 37 with a british sense of humour. Just add me, OrangeCat02
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