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  1. They just released the patch today which fixes the BFA achievement! Fingers crossed it unlocks for everyone!
  2. Nice, just saw this in the spring sale for cheap, will pick it up!
  3. I read it was the 20th somewhere hah
  4. Just saw this game on todays sale for £3, i'll not bother then haha
  5. So if I buy only ep 1, i can do ep 1 achievements and the main game achievements? Just the way they are laid out on the site.
  6. Craphex

    dead kings DLC

    It's out tomorrow pal (13th) And yeah it's free to all.
  7. Cheers man, great guide. Love picture/text guides over video while I play. Keep up the good work!
  8. Ah cool cheers bud. No difference other than points = trophy! So awesome thanks
  9. The game is down to £16.79 on the store at the moment for gold members. Worth picking up for that price? And any dlc? Also can you still pick your name for the game to say? 'Hello Donut'
  10. All that budget and no epic cinematic or boss battle? Also you gotta go to the map screen and fly to the 'credits' haha!
  11. Hmm it was there for me the other day, but now it is also missing. And that link says I'm incompatible now. I have the new 930 too which is powerful enough! Edit: After looking at reviews on the app, everyone has errors so they must have took it down!
  12. Does this work with solo too? I go to loadout but there's only my gamercard then my mech loadouts :/ Edit: Bah I found it, the first little icon haha
  13. Having fun on this game, but after buying some new pilots how exactly do you switch them?
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